That took awhile, its never to late to write a wrap up post on a comic con right? My recovery process took a little longer and the thing called life slapped me around a bit. As well as deciding whether or not to apply for an opportunity that would be closer to my dream of doing all things comic con, entertainment industry and writing content, or going for the career and stability. It was nice to finish up these wrap up post for San Diego Comic Con and relieve an interesting, stressful, fun, celebrity filled kind of week!

Thursday July 21st 

This was the first year (that I can recall) I had my own badge for a Thursday! I
did not have to worry about volunteering, having shift or only seeing half of
what San Diego had to offer. I am always grateful to volunteer, but for a
change it was nice to have a day to myself.
I had the earliest start to the day that I have had in a
while at comic con, I was there before 930 am and actually had to stand and
wait for the floor to open. The way they had the lines to get in was really
frustrating an made starting of the day pretty bad. When I got there the first
thing I wanted to do was get my Warner Brothers (WB) bag, the Ask Me Person A said go down past
Hall H, the Ask Me person 2 said Hall E, this in itself was frustrating as
not everyone was on the same page and hopefully next year they can get it

The WB Bag I
finally was able to get the bag that I wanted to the first time! Supernatural,
although I would have been happy with Arrow, but for a change it was nice not
having to trade a few times to get the one I wanted. I don’t really use the
bags as I am not a big fan of the Backpack style or ever have enough to fill
them, I love them regardless. I saw though with the flap they were a bit
tedious to use, and loved the year they had the cape on them [hint hint]. I
ended up getting an Arrow Bag at the end of the show with a broken strap but
cared more for the pictures on them.

The Floor This
was my first day checking out the floor, as the past 2 years I was able to
attend preview night. I always love the displays and find myself on the movie
side such as Warner Brother booth and Lionsgate booth. I found the Quantum
Mechanix booth that was selling exclusive Star Trek merchandise that I figured
I might as well pick up while I was there, and just in case it would sell out. 

Hall H Now days
when I make it into Hall H is when there is no line and you can walk right in,
as sleeping overnight seemed impossible for me and obsurd (more on that later).
I was across the way when I saw on Twitter from a fellow attendee that there
was no line and the Snowden panel was up next! The reason I was excited for
this panel as when the schedule was first released Scott Eastwood (my fictional
boyfriend) I mean awesome dude was going to be on it. I saw he was later taken
off as I am sure he had Suicide Squad movie business to attend to but if he did
happen to show up I wanted to be there.
I am glad I attended the Snowden panel as I enjoyed
listening to the passion that Oliver Stone and cast had for this film they were
a part of. Joseph Gordon Levitt (Inception, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises),
Shailene Woodley (Divergent, Fault in our Stars), Zachary Quinto (Star Trek) were
all in attendance at the panel, along with Director Oliver Stone Himself.
Snowden is a movie about the man Edward Snowden a former NSA employee that
leaked documents to the press. After seeing the trailer, I am definitely
excited for the movie!

 Nerd HQ Panel The
tickets to these panels are darn near impossible to go get! I got lucky this
year with the Zachary Levi (The creator of Nerd HQ) and friends panel. The date
they had them going on sale was in 2017, luckily a fellow Twitter friend gave
me a heads up when it finally went live. That in itself was a little icky how
they did it, but I was happy, and after being teased with add to cart for the
Stephen Amell (Arrow) and Friends panel twice a few days after, I was happy to
at least get one panel! The panel consisted of Zachary Levi and most of the
cast from his TV show he did called Chuck (2007-2012), Ryan Mcpartlin, Yvonne
Strahovski (via Skype) David Coleman, I had no idea who any of them were really except for
Adam Baldwin (Serenity). The panel was full of laughs and even a Pokemon on the
stage when Zach was talking about the Pokemon craze. The panel was definitely amusing to see the genuine chemistry
between all of the cast members and coming together for the panel!
Left: Ryan Mcpartlin Right: Adam Baldwin

After the Nerd HQ panel it was announced that Ryan Mcpartlin (pictured on the left) was
doing a Smiles for Smiles photo opportunity, although gorgeous, I thought I would
pass as I really didn’t know what he acted on. A few minutes later Adam Baldwin
was joining him for photos and I decided to get one, this leading to my first
Nerd HQ photo op! At least the guys look good.

MTV Fandom Awards at
Petco Park
I have managed to attend the MTV party in the park since its
debut in 2013, last year was toward the end when we got to high five the singer
Flo-Rida, but this year was different. I had the friend with me when we met up
after his volunteer shift and my panel at Nerd HQ I decided we should go check
out the MTV party as I hadn’t been there for the start of filming the awards
and wanted to check it out.

The spot we ended up on the grass lawn was perfect! I was
excited for some of the presenters, yes including the cast of the new Power
Rangers movie. We were so close to the stars when they were presenting some of
the awards! I even got to see Stephen Amell (Arrow) when he was accepting the
Ship of the year award! I had fun, seeing the behind workings of an awards show
and can now say I have been to one. I was excited for the band called Krewella
to come up and perform, even though they were last they had a song called Stay
Alive I was dying to hear. My friend was ready to go and had asked me a few
times, so we left before the song came on, I was so bummed that I missed the
song and don’t know when I will get the chance again. Overall I am glad I have
made it to this event as really the comic con is a week long show filled with
heart eye emojis!

After all that we were tempted to go to the Nerd HQ party after the MTV awards but called it quits, it was early I know, but I still had the whole weekend ahead of me. It was a star studded Thursday and was glad I got to do what I did! Ill be posting more pics on Instagram and Twitter as well there is so many that I took, I failed to post them at the time. I like to think of it as getting to relive comic con a bit longer.

Friday 7/22/2016

How to Build Your Geek Brand Panel Hosted by a fellow content creator Tony B Kim (Crazy4ComicCon & Hero Within, Chris Gore (Comedian Personality) and Jamie Broadnax ( I am always looking for things to go to and learn information on how to make my site better. This was one of them as he had held a panel the previous year, called Wrath of Con Bloggers. The panel was very helpful, it was nice to listen to content creators who are making an impact and have a good following. I was very appreciative of them sharing their knowledge so willingly, so we can better our sites as well. Towards the end Tony also showed us a piece of his newly created fashion line called Hero Within.

Panelist: SyFy Face Off Neville Page (left) and Glen Hetrick (right)

Volunteering I had to get a shift done this day, that is how I was able to get into the panel and wanted to make sure I would have a chance in for the next year as well. I was going to ask the lady if I could get anything but line management and figured I better not, well the shift I got was line management. Although I was excited to be there, I was not looking forward to managing a line outside in the heat! Major props to the volunteers that stuck it out with their shifts outside, in the humid heat with a fancy sign that says, line ends here or premium programming! The shift I ended up was managing a panel room, one of the popular panels that I didn’t realize till it started was the guys from the SyFy show Face Off. The Panel featured Neville Page (Judge) and Glen Hetrick (Judge), also in attendance but not on the panel I saw Ve Niell (Judge). I was happen the panel was at least something I had knowledge about and loved some of the techniques for the process for props they have made. 

I was free for the rest of the day when the shift was over! I hadn’t heard from my friend so I decided to wonder and go to another panel later in the day. This day was the hardest day for me as in wearing the wrong shoes on Thursday and walking from 900 AM in the morning to 1200 am in the morning. I wanted to take the day slow and was so disappointed my feet hurt, usually I am good about the shoes but these failed me. The floor was crowded and was hard for me to zip around like I usually do, so I took it easy.

The Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum I didn’t want to retire to early on a Friday night at comic con so I went to check out the panel of the Sci-fi Museum. I had interviewed Huston (The Founder) who originally restored the Star Trek Next Generation Bridge, saving it from destruction early 2000’s. I met him in person at the Phoenix Comicon this past year, and was excited to see what the future holds for him and what he has created. He and a board of passionate people are bringing a Sci Fi Museum to Hollywood, including a Hall of Cars, Hall of Spaceships and much more. They will be using the facility to educate, celebrate, and other events that will come up. They also have a Hollywood Horror Museum in the works as well, but I am most excited for the Sci-Fi Museum!!

Grant Gustin aka The Flash WB

Celebrating stalking Spotting This was the year that I have seen the most celebrities in person at a San Diego Comic Con. I don’t ever really spend the time to look for the hot spots or stand in a crowd awaiting for someone to come out of a door. This year was different, aside from not looking I came up on a crowd that was waiting for someone famous to come through a door. My ears perked up when I heard the cast of Suicide Squad could possibly be next, as one of my fictional boyfriends (shhh) Scott Eastwood was there. I didn’t see the cast of Suicide Squad, but saw more actors from TV shows I enjoy. Some of the actors included the cast of Gotham, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow Brandon Routh, Dominic Cooper ( Preacher) some of the cast from Supergirl, and my favorite Supernatural! I saw Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Mark Sheppard (Crowley) Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) went out another exit, but was happy to see all the talent!

It was time to call it a night after celebrity stalking, I mean spotting. I was trying to make up my mind what to do on Saturday and was praying my feet would do better.

Until next time, Watchtower over and out.