It has taken me a week to recover from the San Diego Comic Con madness! I give many props to those who are
able to attend the San Diego Comic Con Craziness and all at the same time write about it within hours. To be honest this would have been posted a little sooner but I didn’t know how to sum up all that happened in one post, I am still riding on
all the emotions or as people say these days feels that this years comic con
brought me. It was a year of many first, a year with a new mission, so many
things that were different this year so here is what I have come up with so far.

Wednesday Preview Night; Strolled around Downtown soaking in all the sites of everything decorated and had to check out the Art of San Diego Comic Con an art exhibit that was being held at the San Diego Central Library, so much history and fun to see how everything goes from ideas, concepts to actualization of something we all love.

Preview Night Continued; Check in and the lucky WB bag I
received for the Comic Con was The Vampire Diaries, I was hoping for another
one, but figured I would save it for a trade, or a friend back home one of the

With Rebecca Hicks
Meeting artists some I have seen at other conventions,
some  I have liked their work and have
tweeted to on Twitter. Had to show Rebecca Hicks how her awesome superhero-ified
drawing of me came out on my shirt and business cards.

WB TV Guide Covers, tried to score some of those, any other
time of the convention is madness, this was the first two years I was able to
get multiple sets of the Collector Covers

The Game Of Bloggers, part of My Mission for San Diego Comic
Con this year, met some great people and content creators that I am glad I had
the opportunity to meet. One of them even recognized me by the Mission Post I
wrote in regards to Crazy 4 Comic Cons post.

Wrath of Con Bloggers Panel


First Panel of the convention Wrath of the Con Bloggers, so
informative and great to hear some of these people that I have been following
for awhile now, talk about their sites, and give tips on blogging about San Diego
Comic Con. Panelists were Megan from The Nerdy Girlie, Tony Crazy 4 Comic Con, Leonard An Englishman in San Diego and Alyssa Friends of CCI

Found the secret spot everyone gets there “Aerial” views of the convention floor I think I did ok for my first time. Then….the Arrival of my friend! His First time, I get so excited for first timers, we checked in his things and get his volunteer pass as well, and he ended up with a Flash WB bag and a free day, perfect for his first time!

We went straight to the floor and he got to meet one of his
favorite artists, Paolo Pantalena who works with Aspen Comics. I have become a fan of him as well over time from buying my friend items from previous conventions. Such a great experience for me, the friend was
interested in doing some more drawing and Paolo was giving him some tips, then
the choosing of the artwork he wanted to buy was pretty fun.

When my shift was done I was lucky enough to end up in
Ballroom 20 to watch the Teen Wolf Panel for my sister.

Met back up with my friend at the Her Universe Fashion
Show only stayed for the first half but was glad I was able to see all the
designs and there little swag bags were great! We checked out the Xbox lounge my
first time in 8 years it was played some Forza 6 it was so fun. Walking to the
car and enjoying the scenery of the nighttime life after the convention.

We caught the last few minutes of the MTV Fandom awards and having Flo-Rida come
right by us one someones shoulders, that was the only picture I managed to get as he was passing by.

Can you spot Zachary Levi?
Ending the night at Nerd HQ playing Star Wars Battlefront (I
now want the game) and was getting progressively better, not as good as the
friend but I was getting there, and ended out the night with the Nerd HQ Dance

Interactive Zone/After Party
Friday Checked out the Aspen Comics Panel for the friend,
received a Comic as a giveaway and got it signed for him. The highlight of checking in for our volunteer assignment; a volunteer from last year remembered me! Him and my friend do close to the same thing job wise and made a connection How awesome is that? We got done with our shifts early, and headed to the Petco Interactive Zone. Received a pass to the Walker Stalker after party, I enjoyed the big robot just hung out.
Made our way to the Lawn Con, and saw the lines for the next day panels, it was
like a whole another after party down there.

Then Magic Happened! We saw some footage on the screens down
at the Embarcadero Marina Park and realized it was Star Wars Playing, when we
turned the corner to head down there, a FIREWORKS show goes off. A firework show
with the theme to Star Wars being played live!! I think that was both our comic
con magic moment, and after flying solo for 7 years I am so glad I got experience
that with a friend it was amazing and he was so happy to experience that as
well. Finished off the night as it could not get any better than
that, that was the moment that you can say only at comic con and glad we got to
be a part of it.

Saturday Nathan Fillion Panel at Nerd HQ and a surprise
moderator Alan Tudyk, this was for the Conversations for a Cause Panel and it
was well worth the $22.00 and the strike of luck to get the ticket. These guys were genuinely funny and being 2nd
row from the stage was pretty awesome. This was my first Conversations for a Cause Panel and I hope I get to go to another one next year.

I think Saturday was the busiest day of the convention, and the
busiest I had seen everything around the convention center, there were so many
people there. We spent more time on the show floor after our volunteer shift then it was time to say goodbye to the friend.

After saying by to the friend I walked with a purpose to the Hall H line to try my luck for the DC Superhero Saturday Night Panel put on by Warner Bros. I made it in! I missed the first half of the Arrow
panel when he is revealing his new costume (which I love) and caught the last
few minutes of their panel. Got to see the casts from the different shows and see the
pilot for Supergirl well worth the wait!

Sunday I couldn’t believe the convention was almost over, when I had finally arrived I picked a late shift and had just enough time to go to the floor and pick up a couple things. I picked up these prints from The Ninja Bot who are some awesome artists/people and my custom art card from Rebecca Hicks of Little Vampires.

Instead of usually making my way back down to the floor to get any last minute swag I stayed in the Sails Pavilion to try my luck to get another WB Bag, I scored some Supergirl Bags and The 100 yay! Comic Con was now complete. 

Then that was it, the convention was over, there were so many great exhibits, people, I cant post all the pictures in one post it would be never ending. This years Comic Con was one of the best for me, thanks to my friend, my site, comic con magic moments, the people I met, fellow bloggers and all the emotions it was one for the books and cannot wait till next year!

Are you planning on going next year?

Until next time…
Watchtower over and out