Happy new year! New opportunities, new hopes and a new word! Rather than making a handful of resolutions that fade out after the first month of 2017, there is something better that I have started to use to set goals with and push myself throughout the year.  A word of the year, I discovered this from fellow content creators when I first started this site which was 2 years ago, soon to celebrate my 2nd year blogiversary!  A word of the year is something that you can keep in the back of your mind, to help with decisions or things you want to accomplish this year.

The word of the year I choose for 2017 was based off most of
the happenings towards the end of 2016, that also coincided with my 2016 word
of the year “Wonder”. I am excited for my word this year and looking forward to
the adventures it can bring. The word I choose this year is “Experience”
The definition of Experience I found fitting per Google was,
an event or occurrence that leaves an
impression on someone.

I got to go out camping (experienced it when I was younger),
continued to enjoy hiking and the great outdoors. I want to experience it more,
I never really like living near my base of operations but there are some pretty
awesome natural wonders out here. I want to go hiking, camping, see the stars
at night, be in the moment. This even goes for comic cons, I camped out in Hall
H for San Diego Comic Con 2016 and looking forward to going to more events.

People can go to something and say they went, but going to
something and taking away something dear from it to me is actually experiencing
the moment, and when the time comes to recall it, it’s like it happen
yesterday. How cheesy does that sound? Not all events that happen though are fantastic
or take something dear from it, could be life altering lesson learning kind of
experience, but one way or another you grow from it, spiritually, emotionally
and physically.

I am looking forward to my word of the year, although I experienced
a couple life altering changes last year, I think I am ready for the good
soulful kind this year!

What is your word of the year? Let me know in the comments
below or on Twitter

Until next time Watchtower over & out