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wonder woman day
wonder woman day by superheroesxyz

October 21st is being declared Wonder Woman day by the United Nations! Wonder Woman (DC Comic Book Character) is celebrating her 75th Birthday this year and more in particular this month. The original actor bringing the female hero to the small screen, Lynda Carter will be in New York at the end of October when they make the day official. Recently announced the latest female actress portraying Wonder Woman on the big screen Gal Gadot, will also be in attendance for the celebration. Batman won’t be the only DC character with his own day now, welcome to the club Wonder Woman!

Movie Costume / USPS Stamps [Source] / Movie Poster for 2017 Film

So much has been happening for Wonder Woman in the past year, not only amazing costume displays from the upcoming major motion picture at bigger comic conventions, Wonder Woman is receiving her own set of Forever Stamps from the United Postal Service. Adding to the list an amazing trailer from the highly anticipated solo film (which I am the most excited for) set to be released in 2017. Lynda Carter will be making a return to the small screen as President of the United States! She will be alongside a fellow DC Superhero, Supergirl on the CW Network!

One of the best things about Wonder Woman besides being a great role model for girls and women in general is the merchandise! There is so much out there, from costumes, jewelry, apparel, even items inspired by Wonder Woman from fellow fans. I gathered some favorites and items that would be perfect for the celebration, her big screen debut and to represent in general.

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Wonder Woman Mini Backpack Dawn of Justice – By Superhero Stuff
The newest variation of Wonder Woman’s costume worn by the actress portraying her Gal Gadot. This version made its debut in the Batman Vs Superman Movie, it’s perfect to take to the theaters on opening day for the film coming out March 2017.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Red Reversible Purse  By The Geek Forge
There is no such things as to many bags! Some Comic Cons require more than one, this is one of my favorite versions of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Sunglasses By Superhero Stuff
You can never have to many pairs of shades! Sunglasses can be worn everyday of the year regardless of the weather.

Wonder Woman Cameo Pendant By The Fangirl’s Attic
Where are the emoticon with heart eyes! This would be great for classic looks and a great accessory for all the holiday parties that will soon be coming up.

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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Art  Art by C. Jepsen one of my favorite Artist that I came across from a previous comic con! I have bought a few pieces from her, but love this color pencil version.

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Wonder Woman Stars Knapsack  By Superhero Stuff
These come in handy one way or another especially at comic conventions! I use one for the day job, and other ones for comic cons. Fun backpacks are not just for elementary school anymore, they have evolved for all ages!

Wonder Woman Toss Print Viscose Scarf – By Con Couture
Tis the season for scarves, boots, jackets and being cozy! The material is light enough that it can be worn all year long!

Aside from all this year long celebration and foresee it continuing till the release of the Wonder Woman film in 2017. This is the only DC movie so far I am the most excited for, I am so glad to finally see a female hero take the lead on a major film (Sorry Black Widow) and hope it will not disappoint. I have been having so much fun with post like these, connecting with fellow geeks and sharing some of their merchandise that I myself love.

Which are some of your favorite items to share your love of Wonder Woman? How are you celebrating?

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