With the arrival of Thor Issue #4 that seemed forever to get here, I thought this the best time to talk about Thor, no not that one, The Female Thor that arrived in the Marvel Universe last year. I am currently following the story line but was not the biggest fan of the news when I first heard. 
File: Thor is a Lady Screen Shots Time Capsule. 7/18/2014  
That was the week they announced Thor was becoming a lady. I had mixed feelings.

From the Time Capsule

Thor is going to be a female!  That was my first reaction to the news. I am
all for female power but this seemed pretty far out there. They want to reach
that female demographic they say they have not really focused on. If someone
does not really follow the comic books they would have no idea who Ms. Marvel
is, the only female heroines they would know is Black Widow from the
Avengers and Storm from X-Men along with Rogue, Wonder Woman then that one stint of Invisible Woman played by Jessica Alba in The Fantastic Four 
Females usually have what seems to be a sidekick in the
background kind of role for the most part. Look at Black Widow in the Iron Man
Movies, The Avengers, after all that time her character has grown, she seemed
to have really shined in Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier. To me telling
the audience it takes time to establish and keep a role to play with the big
guys, to earn the respect and to be bad ass and do things for oneself rather
than having the guys do everything for her or expect it to be done for her.


Also showing females have to earn their spot
to be up in the ranks, that was a character in the Marvel universe they can
establish and play with and to eventually become a well known character of the
universe both on page and on screen such as Iron Man and Thor. Taking a female
and putting her in the spot of one of the most well known super heroes seemed
pretty far fetched.

Female superheroes I don’t think are taken very seriously.
Whether it be they are there for looks, there costumes make no sense for what
they are able to do or how little there costumes they have. The certain poses
they are known for that don’t necessarily show of their powers more of their

I was still hesitant about this new Thor as I thought it was
a name rather than a “title” when issue number 1 was released, I went to the
comic book shop to check it out, the costume looked pretty cool and the cover
was awesome.


I skimmed to the last page
to see the new female Thor pick up the Mjolnir. For some
reason I did not buy issue number one, I set it back down and thought I would
wait for the next issue. I instantly regretted that decision while I was at
Phoenix Fan Fest in December they were selling the issue for $10-$15.00 as
compared to the $4.00 at the comic book shop. I bought issue number two and three
and patiently awaiting number 4 that is due out January 28th Thor
vs. Thor. I am still in search of Thor #1 with the introduction of the Female

As I am slowly getting into the
comics I have been trying to start out with the Number ones at least or somewhere
to jump in that I can then follow.  Such
as Thor #1, Arrow #35 with the introduction of Felicity Smoak, other ones that
are on my to get list, the Axis Storyline and Batgirl. After reading issue 2
and 3 of Thor I don’t love it yet nor do I hate it, we are still in
the beginning stages of the relationship.

Since reading 2 and 3 without really knowing what exactly happen in the first one I seemed to manage.  I was disappointed at first when she starts discovering the power of the Mjolnir seemed like the stereotypical ditzy blonde then throughout the issues she starts to get the hang of it and starts kicking butt. I was curious to see the introduction of the girl behind the mask when she is away from the Mjolnir for too long, but that thought was erased when I saw the next issue was Thor vs. Thor yes please.

Thor vs Thor…

I am going to be keeping track of
Thor but I will always have the thought of why Marvel would not make a new
female superhero or grow a currently existing one.  Why not make a brand new kick ass kind
of female superhero one that a new generation of female readers can start off
reading and grow to love, as well as a generation that would welcome a female
superhero with open arms and establish a relationship with her like the rest of
the ones they have read about and came to be a fan of?

What do you think of the new Thor so far? Would you like to see a
new female superhero in the comic book universes or perhaps take one and grow? 

Until next time….
Watchtower Over and Out