The season 12 premiere of Supernatural is October 13th 2016, I wrote most of this back in February 2016! Why it has been sitting here that long? I have no excuse but thought a premiere might be a good reason to finally share. This will be my first season watching the show as it premieres an for the most part caught up on all the seasons. Although most of this was written back in February 2016, I could write novels as to why I love the show and add a million more to the list. For now I will keep it simple and the basics, maybe the mid season premiere I will write another.How to get into a TV show, was a fun post I wrote featuring the show Supernatural last year. I  wrote it after having officially been hooked onto the TV show back in July 2015! It took 10 years but better late then never. One of the steps in the How to Guide was to write/share all the things you love about the show. Here are the reasons why I am in love with Supernatural and sad I missed out on the beginning years.


Dean Winchester (Character) played by Jensen Ackles. He is amazing looking, his demeanor, being the tough guy yet at the same time have an emotional side. When Dean has his emotional moments they really get me, such as a close friend almost like a sister to him dies in Season 10. I get my daily dose of Dean by browsing Pinterest and watching episodes whenever I can. What do I love about Dean’s character the most? He is always calling his brother Sam a nerd or geek, yet he is the one referencing all kinds of shows such as Star Trek and Star Wars. My Dad is always telling me don’t bring home a Dean, bring home a geek: I tell him technically if you listen closely Dean is a geek!

Photo by Lisa Michelle

Jensen Ackles (Actor) Now officially on my must meet one day list (update I did!) I don’t think I ever truly understood the word fangirl until I came across Jensen Ackles, the world seems clearer now. Through my time of binging on Supernatural I have really come to appreciate the acting, and Jensen Ackles does a really great job. Sometimes I would take a second to recognize a scene, and be like Wow that was great! His looks are a bonus and respect him as an actor, he would seem like a great guy to meet (best 7.5 seconds of my life). I also found out his Horoscope is a Pisces with a birthday in March like me, we already have something in common! Yes I have done my research.

Baby at Phoenix Fan Fest 2015

Baby the 1967 black Chevy Impala. I love old cars, and they are even better when good looking guys are in them and know how to drive them. I love hearing the car star up and breaks my heart every time something happens to the car. I was glad to see in season 11 they dedicated an entire episode to the car titled “Baby”. The episode told the Winchester brother’s story from her perspective and one of the best of Season 11. My Dad has been bugging me to by him an older car especially an Impala, so I bought him a model of Baby for now. I would rather have an old car any day!

Brotherly interaction This was one of the things my Dad has loved about the shows is the interaction between the brothers Sam and Dean, I have never had brothers but am pretty sure that is how they would be acting at times. The things they would go through to save each other and the bromance they have with each other is pretty awesome. better yet the chemistry they seem to share off screen for their fans as well is pretty nice.

Castiel When I first met Castiel on the screen (I believe it was Season 4) I was not a big fan of him, his feathers always seemed ruffled and needed a cup of coffee or a snickers. I grew to like him over time, his likeness grew for the brothers, having a special connection with Dean, and being there for the both of them. There were a couple of times I wanted to smack him, then [spoiler] the struggle of being human vs angel was interesting to watch and how it changed him. I have always been a fan of angels, whether you actually believe in them or not, I understand. To me it is interesting to see how (if they really did exist) they would act, there demeanor, making them seem like a powerful entity even when they are confined in a human.
Acting I mentioned this with Jensen Ackles but after watching more of the show, I love the acting and seem to appreciate the craft more. Certain story arcs and scenes like the finale on season 8 really blew me away! I recognized it more with the main characters Sam & Dean but overtime, the whole cast had great acting, including the one most love to hate Crowley (played by Mark Sheppard). What really brings this out is when someone or another is possessed, whether by another angel, the devil seeing how they can become a whole new character yet being the same character. I know its called acting for a reason, but how they are able to switch on and off is real talent.
Music I enjoy most types of music, for this show the main genre is Classic Rock, there are so many classics in this genre that will always be on my playlist. Some of the songs like Carry On My Wayward Son by the band Kansas or Eye of the Tiger, will no longer be listened to the same after hearing them on Supernatural. The scenes in which the songs are from will always play in my head, this even goes for all the songs that I heard at my first Supernatural Convention in June 2016.

Merchandise! I seem to have wanted everything Supernatural when I first started watching (I still do) my first thought was Funko Pops. The first Supernatural Pop I acquired was of course Dean, I couldn’t seem to get enough merchandise. From John Winchesters journal, a body pillow of Sam and Dean, jewelry you name it, I wanted it all. After the initial obsession phase I learned to pace myself as my bank account was not keeping up with my obsession, I still buy merchandise whenever I can. I have also came across a lot of fans that have great merchandise inspired by the show as well.


SPN Family The fandom family for Supernatural known as the SPN Family, now that a year has passed since most of this was written, I have come to love the fandom family more. I have been lucky enough to have great experiences with fans, from the premiere of the SPN Fandom Movie in Los Angeles California, to my first SPN Convention in Phoenix Arizona all this year. I can write about the fandom family all day, but have made great friends, discovered organizations making a difference and fans to geek out with about the show. Yes I am 11 years going on 12 years late for Supernatural luckily I was always aware of the show thanks to San Diego Comic Con, I was aware of who was in it, the basis of it. I also never really understood the concept of binge watching anything at the time but Supernatural has brought light to that as well. I have really enjoyed this new fandom high, getting into a show that has been around for awhile and better yet still on the air. To me you get to be a part of the newness of the show like the premieres as well as the history of the show, and better yet something to do in between seasons.

Everyone has their favorite Fandom and ones that will always be apart of their lives, like Harry Potter and Doctor Who. What are some reason why you love your fandom? Merchandise? Actors/Characters? Share in the comment below or one Twitter.Until next time Watchtower over & out.