I realized I have not posted in a couple weeks! I have been
so wrapped up in getting some projects done for the site and some opportunities
has come my way as well. I thought I
would share these as my excitement level has been hard to contain, and happy to
have you with me on my journey.
Comic Cons:  Two comic cons I plan on attending are right
around the corner, the Phoenix Comicon in June and the San Diego Comic Con in
July. I have been sharing my volunteer knowledge, as I have been volunteering
at comic con since 2006. Mostly San Diego but over the past couple years there
has been a few more shows added to my convention volunteer resume. The latest
post How to Volunteer at a Comic Convention, I had a lot of fun writing that
post, even though some of the steps seem simple you never know. It may come in handy for a
first timer, as they will have something to check off and make the process easier
for them. I have some more volunteer post in regards to volunteering at a comic
con and have had fun putting them together.
Attitudes in Reverse:
This is the organization that I came across the end of last year, seeing them
on Twitter with some cute merchandise. I wanted to share the mission they had
and what they wanted to do for the Supernatural 
convention in Phoenix in June (near my base of operations).  I have enjoyed interviewing Kat Loveland who
is in charge of the Phoenix Chapter and soon one of the founders of the
organization Tricia. There is such great information and knowledge in her
interview, I do not want to rush it , I want to make sure it is done properly
and in a way Tricia will love it and can forever be shared.
Monetizing: This
may not be the most important thing to share but I am trying to monetize the
site, not too much and in the annoying way some have seen. Trying to make a
nickel or two for these awesome events and opportunities that come about has
been on my mind a little bit more lately, and paying for somethings that come
with having a website. I want to share a lot of content creators, artists, and
merchandise that I have come across. If in doing so it happens to earn me a
nickel I will be happy, but I am not going to let that stop me from sharing
great merchandise and people that I enjoy. I have been working on my
Tower Watchlist, which is where I would like to have most of them on. I have
been working to make sure I am doing it right as far as the disclaimers, setting
up affiliate links, and how to stay true to my site.
Dream come true:  I saved the best for last drum roll please! I
am going to Los Angeles for a screening & after party! I don’t think I can
put enough exclamation points of how excited I am for this opportunity. It is
not a premiere screening like the Captain America Civil War, but this screening
means so much to me and I get to meet some great people in real life, and
finally put a face to the social media icons. So what premiere am I going to?
The Supernatural Fandom Movie, yes Supernatural has become a big part of my
life and this is an opportunity I am so grateful for. Supernatural Fandom Movie
talks about the Fandom Family, conventions, all with interviews of the cast,
crew and fans. The bodyguard of Jensen
Ackles and Jared Padelecki, his brother and one of the producers of the TV show
are behind the making of this. For more information you can check out SPN FanMovie.com
How did this opportunity come across my path? There are a few
people behind this, but my direct invitation came from Attitudes in Reverse! I
was letting the founder Tricia know about some progress I was making on
collecting shoes and the interview, that is when she asked if I would have the
ability to go to the screening in L.A. I immediately began seeing if it would
be possible and get time of off work. The people behind the making of the movie
are also to thank for making it possible for Attitudes in Reverse to ask me.
There will be other volunteers from the organization in attendance as well, and a great time for everyone to meet each other.
Griffith Observatory Pic from The Nerdy Girlie
Sightseeing: I had to wait till all my confirmations were good to go before I was able to share and get excited. I immediately got in touch with fellow
content creator Nerd Coolture! I knew he was in the L.A area and wanted to see
what some of the hot spots were, and what would be a must to see. Shortly after I remembered another
fellow content creator The Nerdy Girlie had a L.A. Bucket List which came in handy.
Hopefully if time allows it, I will finally be able to see the Walk of Fame, the hustle & bustle
of Los Angeles. People always tell me (including my Dad) L.A. is not what its
cracked up to be and not always pretty, well I am going to find out for myself
and not let that cloud my judgment on the city. The one thing I am the most
excited for is the Griffith Observatory, this was a recommendation by both Nerd
Coolture and The Nerdy Girlie! Besides the free parking, free admission, breathtaking views, astronomy lies within! I got my Mom excited as well (she is going with me) she said I should take my Funko
Pops! I love when the parents are on board with me and support what I do.
Those are some of the things I have going on within the
coming weeks, and would be excited if you can join me. Be sure to follow along
on Twitter and Instagram accounts for the fun, and I thank you for your
continued support and readership!
Until next time
Watchtower over & out