You have now officially met a nerd, geek, whatever the term is
these days that loves things geeky, sci-fi, superhero-ness that likes
Football, the National Football League the NFL. Yes I love football, I have followed it for the past few years and
learn more about it every year, but 2014 was a great football season for me and
a great season for my team the San Diego Chargers. Believe it or not I have been told that I am a nerd you are not suppose to like football…well I must be a limited edition.

So you maybe asking what does football have to do with the geeky world right now? Well I realized the other day that there are some trailers, hype and a Superhero Showdown. I have also found something nerdy yet football related and I thought perfect to share it with you all!

Kick Off Party 2014                                             2013
The Superbowl is one of the biggest, well the biggest game of the
year, two of the best teams from their conference the AFC American Football Conference and the NFC National Football Conference go head to head and only one comes out
at the very top and earns bragging rights and many other goodies for the year.

As a fan of the game I thought last year’s all around was not terrific, the game could have been better, the commercials that some only watch it for were the everyday commercials and had no exclusivity to them and the halftime show was a interesting attempt at making everyone happy.
Getting Downtown Phoenix Ready for Week/Weekend Events
The year of 2015 is already looking better, the two teams have fought to get there with one team (Patriots) flying high on top and the other (Seahawks) Underdogs that rose up from last year and trying for round two are going to play. The Halftime show has hope with Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz, better commercials and MOVIE TRAILERS set to premiere and a Superhero Showdown.
Let the festivities begin….

The Teams NFL
           New England Patriots [AFC]                                           Seattle Seahawks [NFC]  

Stadium in Glendale, AZ

The Venue
This year Superbowl 49 is held in Glendale, Arizona. That is in the vicinity of my classified base here in AZ and will be joining in the festivities that this weekend has to offer, and maybe run into some celebrities. I also made sure I volunteered for the Fan Fest put on by Phoenix Comicon that took place at the Stadium this past December. I wanted to see where a Superbowl would be played, my imagination soared every time I walked out of the tunnels to the exhibitor floor. Pretending I was on the field with everyone cheering in the stands; yes it was a great weekend to pretend I was part of a football team all while geeking out over other things I love as well

Geeking out
Now comes the fun of this and why I thought it would be great to share with you all
My Team’s Helmet The Chargers
Superbowl Teams: Star Wars Universe Edition

Helmets- While perusing a geeky facebook group I am in I came across these NFL helmets, that were created by an artists representing all 32 NFL teams but featuring Star Wars Themes. I thought it was pretty creative and a great way to introduce the two together. Star Wars meet Football, Football-Star Wars. Here is a picture of my team’s helmet if they played in the Star Wars Universe I am pretty stoked we get to be lightsabers, I now have a legitimate reason to buy a lightsaber. Take a look at all 32 NFL helmets

Stills from this years ad 2015 and article link
Commercials Movie Trailers- those things on in between the guys trying to fight over a football and run each other over, well in hopes that they are better than last year at least there will be some movie trailers to look forward to. I am glad to see so far with the buzz going around about commercials and trailers that are set to premiere are of good content, and so far look like they are being produced for the big day. In the past the commercials were sometimes better then the game itself, and a reason why some people watched the game. Lately the commercials that play everyday are aired on the big day and were nothing special. 

One of my favorite commercials from last year and probably the only one was the Budweiser Clydesdale and puppy commercial. Last Year’s 2014 was adorable times 10. This year they have already released there commercial and its even better.

Ones I am looking forward to.
The Trailers that are said to be airing during the Superbowl are some that I am looking forward to. I found a great collection of them here on Cinema Blend. Although they mentioned there could be one for Batman Superman Dawn of Justice I am not holding my breath. I am however looking forward to Fast and the Furious one of Paul Walker’s last films, did I mention I was a car fan to? Jurassic World, Avengers Age of Ultron and Insurgent from the Divergent series.

Superhero Showdown- the news spread pretty fast about a superhero showdown in the Marvel Universe, probably not the one that is thought of at first this one had a twist. Chris Evans and Chris Pratt, yes they have numerous things in common already, Both superheroes, first name, cinematic universe, but this past week are the enemies of one another while there football teams go head to head in Superbowl 49

If Chris Evans team the New England Patriots win then Chris Pratt will need to visit the Charity of Evan’s choosing in a Tom Brady Jersey (the Quarterback, one who throws the football) If Chris Pratt’s Team the Seattle Seahawks wins, then Chris Evans will go to the charity of Pratt’s choosing in the Captain America Suit waving the 12th Man Flag.

Jeremy’s Twitter

Look who else I found joining in on the fun. Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) I see what team he will be rooting for this was a tweet with an awesome mashup picture of Tom Brady (Patriots Quarterback) as Captain America.

While its all fun and games for the two they are doing something great not only for the charities that are going to get a visit from a superhero but also the fans. The fans have the fun of a showdown as well to pick a side, pick a team, pick a hero whatever the case maybe and perhaps watch something or keep track of something that they other wise would not have. I thought is was pretty fun, not only because they are using there celebrity powers for good but being a fan of the game and a fan of these actors with the work they have brought to the screen for year round enjoyment is great to be apart of.

Drumroll Please….My Winner selections are

I already had a team in mind before the showdown appeared I vote for the conference my team is in [AFC] since making it to the Superbowl is a long shot for them, but made it even better and would have picked regardless. The team I am choosing to win the Superbowl, and the Hero to win the Superhero showdown  that will claim the day (Drumroll Please) The New England Patriots, Captain America has my vote this year.

The question should you choose to answer; 
Who would you choose Captain America or Starlord?

Cap vs.Starlord 

What do you think of the guys getting together and using there celebrity powers for good?

Sidenote for your eyes only; While putting together this post I came across the Captain America gloves from Under Amour Alter Ego Line I already knew about the ones for the NFL teams, having a superhero version made it all the better and has already made it on my wishlist.For your eyes only; here is another File you can read up on the Superhero Showdown

Until next time
Watchtower Over and Out