The weekend of November 6th- 8th belonged to the Tucson Comic Con, this was there 8th year hosting
the event. This was also my first time attending and was better then anything I had expected. I received a media pass and took along a friend to help
with the site. There was something at the convention for everyone, whether
there were little ones, cosplayers, or the comic book lover. Tucson Comic Con
offered everything from a Gaming Room, Cosplay area, their first Car Show,
Panels, Exhibitor hall and so much more.

We arrived late afternoon on Saturday and began our trip on
the convention exhibitor floor, me and the friend split ways and checked it
out. I did a run through to see where some of my faves were and what all it had
to offer. Then went back and began talking to people, I was saving Sunday for
the actual shopping day.

Cosplay Area
Car Show
Costuming Area where everyone can get pictures one the millennium
falcon, in a action figure toy box and even by the Tardis of Doctor Who. This was Tucson Comic Con first time having a car show, and
as I always say I love when two of my favorite things come together. Cars and
nerdism is what the combination was this time. They were beautiful (said in Jim
Carey Bruce Almighty Voice)

I was so excited to see fellow artist that I have met at
previous conventions and their new work. One of them being Ruben Rosas of AcomicWorld Art. They had just got done with a previous show the weekend before that’s two
shows in a row and were still going strong. Picked up two pieces, Batman and a
previous show exclusive print with Rocket Raccoon & Groot.

Stopped by Drakery Art and picked up a piece from them as well, Black Widow it was. This was their first time doing a superhero art piece. It looked really good with the rest of the pieces they had and also looked awesome next to my Black Widow Funko Pop Figure. 

Work of Tony Amato

An Artists that I met at the Southwest Makers Fest and
started a collection of his work was there as well. Tony Amato of Amatoisms he had a new
serious that I enjoyed and picked up my first piece of it, and picked up a
bonus Batgirl Metal card art.

Joey Lee Cabral                                         Victor of Vodlines

Met some new artists that I enjoyed talking to and loved
their art as well and hope I get to see them at future shows. Joey Lee Cabral had unique art such as paintings on wood
that looked pretty awesome and if I could I would have bought one. I settled
for some prints of Thor and a Gambit for a friend. I also came across Victor of VodLines, it was his first time at a comic con and
I was so excited for him. He was promoting his graphic novel Flying Somnia.
Imagination is a power and definitely had my attention.

After the shopping and chatting it was time for a panel on
Sunday, that panel was the Supernatural Fan Panel. A few fans getting together
to talk about an awesome show. With my current obsession phase that I am in
with the show it was pretty fun for me. There were spoilers but that was the
risk I took going and didn’t mind it as much as I thought I would. It will
still be exciting to watch it when the scenes come to pass. The hosts of the
panel were pretty fun to and cosplayed the characters of the show Sam Dean and
Crowely, there was also a Castiel in the midst of the audience. I made the debut of all my Supernatural apparel at the panel. 

I wanted to buy something from everybody, I really enjoyed
the variety of art and other merchandise that was available at this show. This
was my first year there and there was more people than I thought there would be
and was really glad I went. I can’t wait till next year! Stay tuned I might
feature some of the fun people I talked to on the site in the future and hope
to see them at future shows. Let me know if you went to the Tucson Comic Con
here or on Twitter. Also be sure to check out Instagram for some pics
throughout the weekend.

Did you go to Tucson Comic Con? What the next show you are

Until next time
Watchtower over and out