My Dad and I are big fans of Star Trek, he grew up with the original series and has enjoyed showing me something of his childhood. I have come to love Star Trek just as much as him and it has become a part of us. The closest thing we got to a Star Trek anything was Star Trek: The Experience located in Las Vegas their last voyage was in 2008. When an opportunity presented itself to talk with the savior keeping Star Trek alive with the restoration of an Enterprise Bridge, I jumped on it at warp speed. 

New Starship Interview
Huston Huddleston is the man that saved the bridge not only for the captain but for the fans of Star Trek, after finding the bridge at a warehouse dismantled he decided to bring it back to life. Rather then keeping this restoration project to himself or using it as decor for a house he is sharing the process, with fans everywhere. Taking the bridge to conventions, most recent Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. As he works on a permanent home for the bridge and many more exciting things that he is putting together for the bridge to share with the fans. And to top it off he has also created a Non Profit Organization that children will have the ability to use the bridge for education. 

The Bridge that was saved was not a screen used bridge as the original was destroyed in the Star Trek Generations Movie, this bridge acquired was used for touring. As I say a bridge is better then no bridge and so happy that he is willing to share his findings with the world. Huston was also able to recover some pieces from Star Trek The Original Series as well. 

Now lets hear from Huston the CEO and founder of the Hollywood Science-Fiction Museum as well as the Hollywood Horror Museum.

The Hollywood Sci Fi
Museum can you share a little bit about that, your involvement and the plans you
have with the Bridge for it?

This whole thing
began because in 2011 I found the Enterprise Bridge sets from Star Trek Next
Generation and Original series and wanted to restore them but had no money. In
2012 I started a Kickstarter and raised about 1/3rd of the money, but soon
discovered there was no museum in the world that had the room nor interest to do
with them what we wanted done with them, which was to teach space, science and
sci-fi. Now it’s going to be touring in 2016-2018 and hopefully permanent in
2018, along with our new Hollywood Horror Museum.

When you first saw the condition of the bridge when you found it, what was your first thoughts seeing something that there
are so many fans of in the condition that it was in?
I was in shock and
sickened, with my mind racing on what I could do to save it. It was the
remainder of both touring bridge sets from 1998. I did something very very
impulsive and stupid which was to pay $7000 to ship them to my backyard, but it
changed my life and it hopefully will change a lot of other peoples lives when
they see it.

What kind of impact has
this project had on you and your team?
The ones who are still with us have learned a great
deal, how could they not. I’m a much much better person for this and I have SO
many more friends who believe in what I’m doing, their love and support has
gotten me through these 3 years of doing this and not getting paid for

Where do you see yourself and the Bridge Restoration
project in 3 years?

By 2016 both
Enterprise Bridge sets will be finished, and in 3 years, they hopefully will be
permanently in our own museum in North Hollywood CA. I also hope the studio who
controls the rights for our props will come to the realization that it’s not all
about money, and that a nonprofit educational entity has its own

If you were able to be
captain of your own ship which one would you choose out of all the ships in film
and TV today and why?
Probably the D
because I’ve seen the show so much, I’d know where everything was, except for
the Bridge bathroom!

To you how important is it to keep this genre of Sci-Fi in film and television alive for future generations?

Sci-Fi more than any other genre has inspired professions that others can’t. Two of our board members are from NASA and both were directly inspired by Star Trek. Horror comes close when it comes to makeup effects and psychology, but Star Trek made future astronauts, doctors and scientists.

What are some of the things people can look forward to
when visiting the bridge and its soon to be new home The Sci-Fi Museum?
In 2016 we won’t be able
to make everything touch-screen as we’d naively hoped, because we can’t afford
it and it’s so complex with rights and technicalities, but it will be complete
and hopefully have new video presentations by the TNG cast, who are all friends
now. Incidentally, they LOVE what I’m doing and have been so
Having the ability to have people become educated
through something you have brought back to life from a great time in TV history
how rewarding is that for you?
This is my legacy,
no matter what else I do with my writing or directing, I’ve come to accept it.
I’ve met tremendous people I would never have met had I not gone this path and
I’m so grateful in every way.

What was your thought process behind deciding to turn
the bridge restoration project into an non profit educational
Panic! Smithsonian
didn’t want it, EMP (Expeirience Music Project Museum) didn’t have room for it, so I asked our board of directors,
who includes Rick Sternbach, Ronald D Moore, David Gerrold, Andy Probert etc, if
they agreed with me that we should start our own museum, or if I was out of my
fracking mind. Well we must be out of our minds, because they agreed to go
When I first came across the Bridge. SDCC 2013
How has conventions and celebrity backings helped the bridge restoration?
You wouldn’t be interviewing me or even have heard of me. Getting to meet wonderful, loving, sincerely sweet people at so many conventions around the US, and getting support from Bill Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Billie Piper, Benedict Cumberbatch, Bruce Campbell and so many others, it still blows my mind.

What importance do you think Star Trek has had on past generations and the effect it will have on future generations?

All incarnations of Trek has given people hope and inspired them. I don’t know if the new JJ versions will, to be honest. Like all Trek films, they’ve mostly been action films and they’re fun and exciting and have great actors, but I’m not emotionally involved with them as I was with Wrath of Khan or Undiscovered Country. I can’t watch Khan without crying, now with Nimoy’s death- I can’t do that to myself.

Is there anything
else you would like to share?
We’re doing a big
kickstarter for our new Horror Museum throughout Aug and Sept and I’m very proud of
it because its a completely separate entity, but supports our sci-fi museum. We will have 2 huge booths at Stan Lee’s Comikaze with our Sci-Fi and Horror booth
with everything from Doctor Who to Star Trek, Minority Report, American Horror
Story, Salem and probably a lot more. Then in 2016 we will be displaying our
Sci-Fi Museum, completing our Bridge sets and getting on with this miraculous

A special thanks to Huston for taking time out of his busy schedule for Superheroes.XYZ 
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