I had the opportunity to attend a screening of new show
premiering on Tuesday September 20th on NBC. This was the pilot of the new show called
This Is Us starring Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia , Justin Hartley and more. I
didn’t even hear about this show until the opportunity came up through my
place of work, I was a bit surprised as I thought I was mostly up to date with
what hits the TV screens. I jumped on the opportunity to attend, especially
when I found out Mandy Moore would have a role in it! 

I actually need to avoid spoilers! I have been wanting to
tell so many people why to watch this show and was at first hesitant to write
about it to avoid spoilers all together, but I changed my mind. Instead I
am going to share reasons why you should watch this show, I only saw one
episode, but I know I will be tuning in for following episodes. Looking more into the show before the screening I was intrigued by the fact that several of them share a birthday, I love finding out people who have the same birthday as me. 

About the show directly from the NBC site to avoid any spoilers [Source]
“Sometimes life will surprise you. Starring Mandy Moore (“A Walk to Remember”), Milo Ventimiglia (“Heroes,” “Gilmore Girls”) and Sterling K. Brown (“The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”), this refreshingly honest and provocative series follows a unique ensemble. As their paths cross and their life stories intertwine in curious ways, we find that several of them share the same birthday and so much more than anyone would expect.”

My Reasons to watch

Mandy Moore: I love Mandy Moore! My favorite film she has
acted in was A Walk to Remember, she has lovely acting that I enjoy whether,
drama or comedy but that film was my favorite. I don’t recall seeing her in TV
shows as I believe this may be her first but don’t quote me. She is playing a
mother whom is pregnant  with triplets
and we watch her journey of giving birth. Ok that may not sound as fun to watch
but its not as bad as you think, and if it helps Milo Ventimiglia is there by her side.

Milo Ventimiglia: I would hate to say this a loud but it did
take me a second to realize what he used to act on!  After seeing him a few times I realized he
was on Gilmore Girls as the bad boy that I wanted to slap, well at least some
of the episodes. It took me awhile because I was a bit late to the party with
Gilmore Girls and haven’t seen that many episodes. Milo was definitely a cutie
in this show and plays a side to him I really enjoyed watching sensitive, firm
and caring. I am trying to avoid spoilers here work with me!
The  Cast: The chemistry between the cast was real and relatable, the actors did a really good job at the parts that they had, some more emotional than others. With the wide
array of people we get to follow, there was a lot that one can
relate to. I am not just talking about Justin Hartley (Played Arrow on
Smallville) getting to act with his shirt off, but relatable and at times even
had me questioning my life. Some more of the cast includes Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, Susan Kelechi Watson, Christ Sullivan. There was a handful of actors I have seen from previous screen time, and some I have never heard of which added a nice touch of bringing new people to the screens.
It surprised me:  I
was surprised, why would that be a reason to see it? Well to avoid any spoilers
of even the slightest clue as to why, all I am going to say is it did. I am rarely surprised by TV shows these days
as most of them are predictable, and all seem the same. I thought I had this show
pegged and predicted before the halfway point, boy was I wrong! What I thought about it was complete opposite and looking forward to what comes next. The bonus was getting the free swag at the screening like some tissues, I think some people are going to need them. 

Pics from the screening with some free swag

Its Refreshing: I think this show will bring something new to the screens,
something refreshing other than reality TV, Superheroes (which I love) or Crime
shows. It might also be the perfect TV show for those who are trying to find something good, something they will want to tune in every week and stick to it.
This Is Us is going to be that show for the time being, I really hope it takes
off and hope it does well. I was really happy for the opportunity, and realized
this is my first “official-ish” TV show post. Let me know what you think and if
you decide to tune in! I am excited for you to watch it and see what I mean
when I recommend you watch it.

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Have you heard of this show? Are you looking forward to it?