I am excited to share the Superheroes.XYZ was nominated for a Liebster Award!
What is that you ask? The Liebster Award is a great way to highlight smaller lesser known blogs usually with less then 200 minions followers. This is also a great way to get to know the other superhero kind of bloggers that are out there today.

Superheroes.XYZ was recently nominated by Cate over at Catelysmic her base of operations the UK which is fun to say and to have an
International comrade nominate Superheroes.XYZ for this award is just as good as
getting sector 7 clearance. She is also handy at crafts and makes really cute
items that I can easily justify buying everything I want especially the MarvelComics Kawaii Chibi Figure Charm Necklace…Yes Please

Share 11
facts about myself
Answer 11
Questions that were given to me
11 bloggers with fewer then 200 minions followers and give them 11 questions
of my choosing. Then send off the trusted link.
makes you happiest?

able to share all of my past experiences and new adventures here on
Superheroes.XYZ being able to share it with people who get just as excited as I
do about certain things, and having somewhere to write about the things that I
love the most and can only imagine Superheroes.XYZ growing from here. 

would you like to travel to right now?
My To Go
list is so long as of now, In the US. Washington DC, Hollywood,
Florida, and mostly places with comic cons. New York, Seattle, Washington,
London, Canada and so many more. 

*What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten and where?
I have tried this elsewhere, Spam Musubi in Hawaii was pretty amazing along with all the other food eaten there as well.

or what inspires you the most?
Parents, no matter what keep moving forward and always help others.
is the one skill you would love to master?
The Skill
of being crafty, I have made an attempt and hope to do so more in the future,
but being able to make all sorts of fun pieces and with fun material like some
of the people I have come across since beginning my blogging adventure
me an awesome TV Show or Movie, I need something new to watch!
Arrow is
my current subject
of interest, over time has become a better show, something a little lighter
The Flash. Non Superhero; Person of Interest originally starting out as Sci-Fi it is slowly becoming a reality in the world we live in today, a super
artificial intelligence assisting people before bad things happen to them and
keeping them out of harms way all while having access to their every move, email,
phone call etc. 
is your favourite outfit?
Jeans a t-shirt preferably a dark color representing my superheroes or favorite T.V shows, and Converse because they go with everything, such as my current DC
Superhero Converse.

*What is your most treasured possession?
My Parents and Sisters they have and will always be
there for me and be there for each other. Blessed to have more time with
my dad as well since a machine has helped keep him alive for the past 4 plus
years now.
you cook and is there anything you would consider your signature recipe?
I was not blessed with this gift, I have tried and so far the dish that turns
out the best other then pizza and nachos is my salsa chicken which is delicious
if I do say so myself. I need to get to cooking.
you won the lottery how would you spend the money?
Would buy
the Parents and Sisters the Housing and Cars of there liking, then I would probably
buy all the Funko Pop figures I have missed out on since I began my addiction in Feb
of 2015 such as the Belle from Beauty and the Beast in her yellow dress.
you have any blogging advice?
Have fun
be patient and engage. I am still fairly new to the blogosphere and learning so
much, but I have been having fun writing and coming up with post I hope at
least one other person will enjoy. Being engaged with people had also been one
of the best parts, have in virtual friendships has been fun and getting to know
each other through something we all love to do.

The Nominees are…
Nina of Le Fancy Geek
Hannah of Curious Writer
Meg of Lepetite Geek

Katya of Katya Owu

Mallory of Bad Wolf Brunch
Skye of Planet Jinxatron

11 Questions for you…
1. What inspired you to begin your blogging adventure?
2. Favorite Social Media site to spend all your time on?
3. One of the best things about blogging is?
4. Bright and Sunshiny Day or Rainy with Rainbows?
5. What is your one dream and or goal that you are always working towards?
6. If a celebrity were to read my blog I wish it was _____
7. One of the best things you have done because of your blog?
8. Where do you see yourself with your blog in 5 years?
9. If you could time travel which time period or time would you want to go to?
10. Best tip you have received during your blogging adventure and your favorite tip to share with others?
11. Who would win? Doctor Who Vs. Sherlock: Malcolm Reynolds Vs. Captain Jack Sparrow: Power Ranger Vs. Ninja Turtle

Have you been nominated for a Liebster Award or a fun Award for your blog?
Until next time… 
Watchtower Over and Out.