Definition: Mission An important goal or purpose that is accompanied by strong conviction; a calling

My mission has evolved from my early years when I started attending San Diego Comic Con, from swag, panels,
roaming the exhibitor floor for hours upon hours, free movie posters, snapshots
of celebrities, autographs and taking millions of pictures. In the past couple of years the mission has been experiences
that one can only get at comic con such as watching one of my favorite movies
Star Trek with the score played live down by the water taking in the night time
skyline of San Diego with the echo of the comic con in the background all with a local friend I had
not seen in a very long time. Also bringing a piece of SDCC home to some
friends as well and seeing their reactions when they get a bag full of swag
from SDCC and still taking millions of pictures.

This post was inspired by Tony Kim aka Crazy 4 Comic Con I
have been following his blog for a year plus now, and this was not the first
time I was wowed with what he has created and posted. He was asking fellow
readers what is your comic con mission?  With all that SDCC has to offer it can also be
a life changing opportunity at hand. This post really made me think, with the
aspects that are already making this year so different for me, what is my Comic Con
Mission for this year?
San Diego Comic Con 2015 is already going to be different for
me and the convention has not even started yet, why? One I now have my site; that
I hope one day will grow into something much bigger, and for the first time in
7 years (this year being my 8th) I am going with a friend. Yes the
past years that I have attended SDCC I have flown solo while it does have it
perks, I think it will be a nice change up to actually experience the convention
with somebody there in real time. This will be his first year, and me getting
to be a part of that is one of the best things I have grown to love about comic conventions. Another reason it will be different is I have come to enjoy other things the comic con has to offer that I have not embraced before, the Comic Books and Art side of it; all the previous years was tv shows and movies. Now after coming to enjoy these things a whole new side of comic con I am still discovering and learning to appreciate.
Recently I have asked myself this question what is my Comic
Con Mission but have looked at it differently. I now have a site that I
originally started because of my love for San Diego Comic Con, and now with
more than one comic convention in my life I cannot wait to see where it will take me however,
San Diego will always be my first. This year I am not only thinking of me, but
of my site as well. How can my site benefit from the most wonderful time of the
year, and make it a destination among fellow bloggers, newbies to the
convention scene and connect with those that attend something I love dearly? Baby
steps that’s how, so rather than just going as a spectator observer, someone in
the crowd, I am going as Tony calls it a “content creator” How cool does that
The mission that I choose to accept, is to put myself and my site Superheroes.XYZ out there, usually I am
the shy one, or waiting for others to start the conversation, but this year I
will try to take the first step more than I am used to. This has always been
something I have tried to avoid due to social akward-ness and have somewhat
taken for granted do to the “fear” of rejection and most likely have missed out
on numerous fellow friendships because of this. My main motivation is not only for me but for my future self and my site.
I have always said to myself and fellow friends, that every
year I am blown away because you have at least one thing in common with about 130,000
some odd people there, you love SDCC, and even better in my line standing days,
and for the panels I really want to see you already have 2 things in common and
that is a great start for a conversation.  
This being one of the biggest, best,
and my favorite time of the year what better time than this year’s comic con? I want to make this year as memorable
as possible, for my friend, me, my site and my future.
Excerpt from Crazy 4 Comic Con: The Mission.
 “Your mission doesn’t have to be big or spectacular- but it does need to have two parts: First, it has to be something that you are passionate about. Mountains are moved, leaders are forged, and the impossible becomes possible because of passion. Nothing that matters in life can be accomplished without it. Second, it needs to involve risk. It has to scare you, keep you up at night, and raise your blood pressure. Law of nature; Doing scary things changes you- doing happy things, does not. Here are a few friends that I highly respect for merging their passion with doing something risky.”
What is your
Comic Con Mission? 

Until next time…
Watchtower over and out.