I was on a roll last month with 6 post in one month! I was so
proud of myself and even made it a Mission Objective to keep the momentum going
for November! Between the holidays, adulting, and Dad not feeling well, along with a new
side gig, all got the best of me this month. I always say, no one has to explain
themselves when they go missing in in action on the cyber webs, but I also know
the feeling checking my favorite websites weekly for updates and there is no
new content. I can’t say directly how many or if any do that with my site, but if
you are reading this thank you!
My original plan was to make a nice lengthy post full of
pictures and everything I am thankful for. To be honest during certain times
the past couple of months it was hard for me to find some things, but then I
look at my family, friends my day job and all I have, and I snap out if it. A
rainy day or month never means there is nothing to be thankful for. I am thankful for
many things at this time, the scenery in my place of operations, football although
they could be doing better, all the materialistic things I love technology, my
day job that helps with my extra curricular activities, but none of that means
anything unless there are people to share it with and create memories with.
I may not have the group of friends where we go out every
weekend, do everything together and so on, but I am thankful for the ones I have, the people that will be there should I need them. Friends that I have been lucky to
experience “firsts” with such as jet skiing, hunting, trailer camping (my first
time if I recall properly), or just going out for a hike. I am thankful
for the people in my life at this time. My Parents, this will be my Dad’s first
holiday season with his new heart, and no heart machine after 7 years! How awesome
is that. I am thankful for my Cyber Friendships, ones that have turned to real
life friendships, my favorite TV show I fell in love with last year, Supernatural and the
fandom family that came with it!
The fandom family that came with it I am very thankful for, I
think everything happens for a reason and the time I started watching
Supernatural to the people I have met in relation to it I think is no
coincidence, it was something I needed in my life and didn’t even know it. I
have been so lucky to only experience the best of the fandom thus far. I am thankful for the ones that I have
met online and in real life, and have been blessed with experiences and
memories I will never forget, like a Supernatural Fan Movie Premiere in Los
Angeles California, meeting my fictional Boyfriend Jensen Ackles (best 7.5
seconds of my life) and many more.
If you are
reading this you are one of those I am thankful for, readers, those that share, comment, interact thank you! My fellow content creators, the artist/vendors I see at all the comic cons I go to. To the ones that know me behind the
computer screen, you know you are, and am thankful for you as well with your encouragement, support and friendship! I wanted to share pictures of all the
people I can think of but all of the ones I have and was looking forward to using, seemed to have escaped me at the moment. I realized
it might be little late to post a “This is what I am Thankful Post” but it is
never too late and never a designated time of the year to post what you are
thankful at that time in your life.
I hope you all have a wonderful week with family friends and
loved ones. If the holidays are hard for you, hang in there, there are people
that appreciate you no matter what! With everything going on in the world today
be kind to one another, people are being divided for different reasons, people
struggling, I hope we can all take a second to appreciate what we have in our
lives right in front of us, right now. 
Until next time

Watchtower Over & Out