Intiating Fandom Friday Upload…..

Fandom Friday: My Favorite Funko Pop! Figures.

I was not originally planning on doing this prompt as I
don’t have any but then I remembered I have ONE! I have been trying to avoid
these Pop Funko Figures because I know once you get one you have to get more.
There are so many I want and have been trying to use all my will power to say
no. Then one day this magical box came in the mail from Loot Crate with this
little guy and it was over! Mission deemed a failure.

The Joker Batman-Batman Loot Crate Exclusive: December
My hunt has begun the rest here are ones I would like to get although there are many more, these are these are the ones I would like to start my official collection.
1. Black Widow I have taken a strong liking to her in the past year or so, the butt kicking that takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe helps.
But among some friends and I, we came up with Superhero names for each other and I
was given Black Widow, its kind of cool because that is completely opposite of
me and would love to have an alter ego like that.
2. Olaf I love him, there I said it. Last year I
found myself wanting everything Olaf but my willpower seemed strong at the
time, and is slowly being crushed.

3. Star Trek The Original Series Spock it is just
logical to have him on my list and to start out my collection.
4. Phillip Rivers- Change up I know, this is for the Football fan in me and thought it would be something different #17 San Diego Chargers Quarterback Phillip Rivers. 
Bonus: Beauty and the Beast I could not find a Belle in the traditional yellow dress and Beauty and the Beast is one of my Favorite Disney Movies I am not sure exactly why maybe the music or the story of it. The beast seems like something different then the princess to start out

While looking through all of them, I discovered even more
product such as the Pocket Pops now I am in trouble.  Lines I would hope to have one day in the
distant future
Disney Line
Marvel  Line
Star Trek: The Original Series
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Along with some random ones like Jupiter Ascending Caine and
little Minions.
I will now have to find ways to justify my buying of these addictive items, although “I must have it” will seem to do for the time being. I might have to pass until after the San Diego Comic Con or wait to buy some there. 
If all else the next one I am hoping to get is the Exclusive Hulkbuster with the Collaboration of Funko and Marvel for their subscription box service, yes please. This was a fun Fandom Friday prompt created by the The Nerdy Girlie and Superspacechick 
Are you signing up for the Marvel subscription service? Have you received Pop Funkos in other subscription box services?
Until next time

Watchtower Over and Out