Supernatural day is coming up on September 13th 2016, although you don’t need a specific day to buy fun merchandise it does help to
justify it! My Supernatural obsession is still new as its only been 2 years,
there is so much merchandise out there especially with the show going strong
for 12 years. I wanted to share some things with you, such as items that I hope
to obtain one day, here are some
of the favorites.

Classified Disclaimer: Be aware there are some affiliate links within this post.
As in some items (if you choose to) make a purchase from the link clicked on, I
will get a small commission. I will post a little asterik (*) by it. This will also help keep the Watchtower lights on at!
Funko Pops My
current collection of Supernatural Funko Pop is nowhere near complete but I
still love them. Funko pops that hit the stores are pretty awesome, but I have
come to love custom pops just as much!
I came across Artist Someday as she was helping the group Attitudes in Reverse® that I have interviewed on the site as well. The group
opens the conversation about mental health, and Artist Someday was helping them
raise funds and awareness with some of her custom pops!
I love the detail in each figure, and remember these are custom and
not mass produced, it is one of a kind.
take a close look
 *Dean Winchester The Detail! He looks good in person, on TV and as a Funko
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*Sam Winchester  Little Sammy has flawless hair and both his shoes
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*Sheriff Donna Hanscum her character brought many laugh out loud moments!
Jewelry I am a
jewelry lover, although some of my previous jobs I had you would never be able
to tell. Come comic conventions and other outings I always try to throw something on, even if it is simple earrings. 
*Eldwenne’s Fantasy: Handmade Jewelry  The more I have seen her pieces in on fellow fandom family
members, in person at my first Supernatural convention and browsing her shop, I love them! Going through all her pieces one her site, they really make you think about the inspiration behind each piece, and when you realize the connection it’s
a great feeling. 
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*Castiel’s Grace  I actually saw how the pieces are inspired by the angel of Supernatural, something I would gladly break my empty bank for.
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*Dean & Amara’s Connection I can totally see the Darkness mixed with light in these pieces!

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*Colt Earrings Colts never go out of style

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Wicked Lovely Shop *Pentagram Necklace
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Wicked Lovely Shop *Castiel Necklace 

I only went to my first convention this past June, and I know I am going to be
going to more! Conquest Journals is what I needed in my life, they create
awesome journals that store comic convention memories, memorabilia and so much
more. My parents & sister had ordered me the
special “Hunters Journal” before I even knew I was going to a convention as I was newly in love with the show.


At my first Supernatural convention I saw all
the Supernatural merchandise they had available and things you can add to your
journals. They also have a special Supernatural
Con Tote Bag that I later had Mark Sheppard (Crowley) and my fictional
boyfriend I mean Dean Winchester himself Jensen Ackles sign, which was the
best 7.5 seconds of my life! There are more Supernatural Items I will be picking up from Conquest for sure, Funko Pops not included with purchase of the journal.

Books For all
the readers out there, here is some thing for you as well. Aside from the
Supernatural books that have hit the shelves, there are numerous other writings out in the cyber verse and this is one I wanted to share.

Books by Tracy Miller I came in contact with her thanks to Attitudes in Reverse® organization, I discovered she has written numerous books regarding the Winchester Brothers and crew. She has written poem after poem about the show, about the characters, about the episodes there is so much here and highly encourage you to check it out. 
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I’m Not Invisible: Always Keep Fighting By Tracy Miller Poetry in honor of Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and others. A collection of poetry that seeks to recognize and support the desire to Always Keep Fighting despite the powerful grip of anxiety and depression. This is also the book that she included my name along with many others in the acknowledgements section.
Click to view
Carry on Wayward Sons by Tracy Miller A celebration of Sam and Dean Winchester
A collection of thoughts for the Winchesters boys.
Like I said there is so much stuff, I had to stop myself from sharing more to avoid the longest post ever! A show like this does not get far without multiple factors such as great actors, the fans and the family like atmosphere it created, there are so many talented
people within the fandom family and just in general. This being my first post that include affiliate links, I did not want to use just random products found around the web,  I wanted it to mean a little more. These products are form people that
I have met or have at least talked to via the cyber-verse and love their
merchandise. Should
you pick up anything, let me know in the comments
below or on Twitter!
What is some of your favorite fandom merchandise?