Not too long ago I had an opportunity that was near close to a dream come true and motivated me even more with my website. I was invited to a screening and after party in Los Angeles California on April 30th! It happened out of nowhere, but so glad I was able to make it work with the day job and have the ability to do it on such short notice. This screening was not a big one like the premiere of Captain America Civil War or have high end celebrities that everyone has heard about it. This was one that has become a big part of my life and was a big deal to me. Not only the event in itself but having a solid reason to go to Los Angeles and see all that it has to offer.

How did I come across this opportunity? I was emailing
Tricia one of the founders of Attitudes in Reverse who I have been talking
about in my Supernatural More than a TV Show series. I was letting her know some progress on my efforts
with collecting shoes and talking about her upcoming interview. With one of her replies she
asked if I would be able to make it to L.A. for the screening of the
Supernatural Fandom Movie.

For those who don’t know the Supernatural (SPN) Fandom Movie is a movie based on the
fandom of the TV show Supernatural. This was originally a series that
they have put into a movie format, talking about things ranging from photo ops,
merchandise, cosplay, how Supernatural has effected people, fandom art, and those making
a difference within the fandom community, and the Supernatural family. Tricia and her organization Attitudes in Reverse (AIR) were
also mentioned in the movie, along with one of the stars Jared Padalecki (Sam
Winchester) saying kind words about AIR and why he decided to partner his
Always Keep Fighting Campaign with Attitudes in Reverse.

The event was at the Los Angeles Center Studios in downtown L.A. The views of the building on the way their were beautiful, and the venue was fit for a night of fun did I mention their was a red carpet? This event meant so much to me for multiple reasons and so far one of the best events of 2016!

Stars among us

Meeting cast of the show! I love meeting actors/actresses and have gotten much better keeping my cool with them instead of being a fangirl. I met actors such as Mark Pellegrino (top left) Jim Beaver, Aleks Paunovic, Rick Worthy, Chad Lindberg (in the center) and Adam Rose. I loved seeing the interaction that not only the actors had with each other, but with the fans as well. 

Cliff Kosterman, Mitch Kosterman, Jason Fischer, Liza Brown

Meeting producers of the film Cliff Kosterman (Jensen Ackles
& Jared Padalecki’s bodyguard) Mitch Kosterman (Cliff Kosterman’s brother)
Jason Fischer (Producer on the actual TV show Supernatural) Liza Brown (Social
Media content manager for SPN Fan Movie/Two Sharks Media) These are the folks that also helped make this opportunity possible. Through their generosity Tricia was able to offer some of her volunteers an opportunity that does not come by often. This was a great way to put faces to the names, give hugs, and thank everyone in person for all they do.

Tricia Top Right and fellow AIR volunteers

Meeting Supernatural family members in real life! Finally getting to meet Tricia (top left) one of the founders of Attitudes In Reverse, after all this time of communicating over email and Twitter it was so nice to finally meet in real life and give hugs! Meeting other fellow volunteers that are helping AIR with their mission, and members of the SPN fandom Family, we even got a picture with Lucifer himself (bottom right) Mark Pellegrino. 

Throughout this movie the whole time I was in
awe, enjoying the fact that not only the fans but a majority of the cast
took part in this movie. Listening to their thoughts, how they feel
about fans and some of the aspects of conventions they go to, and hearing some
of their personal stories. This movie was definitely tugging on a few heart strings, seeing the family that the fandom has created within itself. Seeing how
complete strangers come together and feel like they have known each other for
years. I kept thinking to myself how grateful I was to come across this fandom, the time in my life that I started watching the show and how it has helped me.
Louden Swain’s latest album

Now I don’t get teary eyed often and the funny thing
throughout the whole movie I was good, the part that got me was at the end during the credits. Actor Rob Benedict’s (Chuck Shurley) band Louden
Swain’s song Cool If I come Over was playing and the whole theatre was singing along. That is the part that
got me, the power of how a fandom family and music can bring people together.

The Red Carpet and a fun night

Overall one of the bests parts was seeing everyone have a good time, Supernatural family together, some meeting each other for the first time. The relationship the actors are able to have with their fans, and all having a good time together. The venue, the theatre all of it was nicely put on and I had such a great time at this event! I am so grateful for
the opportunity that came about, Supernatural means more and more to me
everyday and love being a part of the fandom family.

What are your favorite parts about your fandom? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.

Until next time
Watchtower over & out