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I always mention how much I love when two of my favorite things come together, in this case the geek community and making a difference. One of the things I love about being in this community of geek is the difference it all can make, no matter how small, something or someone has the power to make a difference in one’s life. Everyone has been through hard times and some may involve spending numerous hours in a hospital. There are days I was with my Dad in a hospital, and wished a superhero would have come to say Hi and spread some cheer. So when I came across Viva WW I had to share with everyone.
Late 2015 I had the pleasure of coming across a Wonder Woman, not
just the one that we see in the comic books, TV show and soon the big screen.
This woman is truly a Wonder Woman and best yet making a difference in her
community. Viva WW out of Las Vegas Nevada, has been cosplaying as
Wonder Woman and other well known comic book characters to make a difference. I came across her through a similar group of heroes known as Comicare out here by my base of operations.
Meet Viva of Heartfelt Heroes Source
Viva dresses up in costume and goes to local hospitals to visit sick children and other charity work whenever she gets a chance. During the holiday season of 2015, her friends from Comicare here in Arizona joined her in making a difference. They were all making a difference in children’s lives in a positive way, even though they were going through a negative traumatic experience. As that was not enough she also has her own non profit organization Heartfelt Heroes & Capes for a Cause.
There would be no one better to share what her organizations are
about other than Wonder Woman herself. Viva has taken time out of her busy
schedule to answer some questions for! I am so happy to have her
on the site and share what great work she is doing for others.
Your Nonprofit Organization Heartfelt Heroes can
you tell us a bit about that? 
was the Inspiration to start it?
Heroes enables me to do all kinds of charity work dressed as Wonder Woman. I
visit kids in hospitals, burn units, cancer centers, elementary schools and
women’s/children’s shelters to name a few. I also travel and have done charity
work in Phoenix, San Diego and Salt Lake City. Pretty much any charitable
endeavor that could use a superhero, I am there!
You mentioned you also have a Capes for a
Cause program where you make personalized superhero capes for children can you share more about that?
I also have a program called
“CAPES FOR A CAUSE” where I make personalized superhero capes for special kids
all around the country. Kids dealing with fatal illnesses, devastating losses
like losing a parent, those terribly hurt in an accident and those facing
difficult disabilities. I make them a cape and a care package filled with
items/toys based on their favorite superhero. If they are local, I hand deliver
the package in costume and if not, I make the child a short video of me in
costume explaining that I made the cape for them, that I honor them for their
bravery and assure them they have superheroes in their corner. I am assisted in
my endeavors by my dear friends Tasha (cosplay name: Beautiful Blue Lantern),
and Auri.

Heroes at Summerlin Hospital Source

Your holiday event in 2015 at the Summerlin Hospital Medical
Center in Las Vegas Nevada, How did that go for you and knowing you were making
a difference in those children’s lives?

If was fabulous! Oh all the awesome stuff
I get to do in costume, my charity work is my very favorite! It is amazing! One
of the best feelings ever!
What are some inspiration
or motivational words that you have been given throughout your journey so far
? Lynda Carter actually
commented on a picture of me doing charity work and thanked me for blessing so
many lives! That was a good day!
have been some obstacles if any throughout your journey so far? None really!
Everyone has always been very supportive
What do you do on your spare time, if any? Honestly, its cosplay something or other, whether making a costume, doing charity or at a comic con 24/7 for me.

DC Trinity San Diego Comic Con Source

An age old question, Batman or Superman? Superman 🙂 

Out of all the Characters in the comic universe why Wonder Woman? I fell in love with Wonder Woman as a little girl watching Lynda Carter rock her star-spangled granny panties, she was beautiful and strong. She was nurturing and sweet but could still be tough and kick some serious villainous booty.. everything I wanted to be when I grew up.. so little four year old me proudly suited up in my underoos and I have been wearing them ever since! 

What is the best part about cosplaying? My motto in life is: Everything is Better in Costume!
What has been your favorite costume to design so far? I am working on the Dawn of Justice WW right now and I am really liking it
What are some plans or goals for 2016? Just do more! Make a bigger difference in the community! 
you Viva for your time! Viva just had her first charity event for Heartfelt
Heroes of 2016. Putting together food bags at a food bank for local seniors and
kids in need. I am very grateful to have come across Viva and looking forward
to what 2016 has in store for her. Viva is continuing to make a difference and continues to make great cosplay as well. Please take a second to see
what her organizations are all about and all she does. 
Do you have local Superheroes that make a difference in your community? 
Follow Viva WW  Heartfelt Heroes / Instagram / Twitter / Store

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