There are times I go through these phases of what seems to be obsessed with something for awhile, so in the search of finding something that fit in with Superheroes.XYZ other then current obsessions, I introduce you to Subject(s) of Interest. With this being the inaugural post I can only hope it will get better over time. If you love them just as much and/or want to share your thoughts, feel free I would love to hear from you. 

Initiating SOI Files…

<3 Arrow
January: Arrow, Felicity with a sprinkle of The Flash
With the return of The Flash and Arrow this month I thought it was perfect time to share my current obsession with Arrow. The mid season finale of The Flash left me in an aha moment while the mid season finale of Arrow left me breathless and speechless. I am slowly getting into The Flash but 2014 was the year of Arrow for me.
Art from Fan Fest ’14

I attended Fan Fest that was put on by the Phoenix Comicon in Glendale AZ in December. My main focus was anything Arrow, I came across some good finds and can’t wait for future shows to purchase more. I also picked up the comic book, Issues #35 and #36 for the excitement of Felicity brought back by the new writers and being hired to kill Oliver in Issue #35.


<3 Felicity

Felicity Smoak; Being the heroes go to gal, seems like it would be a fun task. Felicity shows that no matter who you are or what you know to always be yourself and fight for what you believe in. I was turned off at her new realtionship with Roy Palmer in the beginning hoping she would not go for the shiny and new kind of relationship. Staying with Oliver with the love that would be worth fighting for. The Olicity aspect of the show drives me crazy but is one of the best parts.

Additional Results Found….

Arrow Cast autograph session SDCC ’14 at the Warner Brothers Booth

Arrow Cosplay Right: SDCC’14 Center: Fan Fest ’14 Right: SDCC ’14

Right: David Ramsey Left: Ben Browder
Did I mention I met Diggle (David Ramsey) at Fan Fest 2014? He was showing me and the other volunteer I was with a video of Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) in his Arsenal costume goofing around. What made the moment even better for me was when Ben Browder from Stargate and Farscape came over as well and started talking. That is when I let to much excitement out and remembered why I love going to events like this.

Mission Accepted

I am really glad DC has come up with some great TV shows thus far. I have enjoyed them more then the cinematic movie universe or the plans for it at the time being, and am glad
they do not tend to connect the two like Marvel has. The crossovers between The Flash and Arrow have been great. Seeing all the cast members interact with each other and realistically for that matter such as when Diggle first sees The Flash’s speed. Oliver Queen works hard at what he does, aside from being what seems cruel and have no emotions, deep down he really does and when that side does show its worth all those moments of seeming heartless.

Are you excited for the return of The Flash and Arrow?

Watchtower Over and Out.