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This month’s Edition Subject(s) of Interest along with a Person of Interest, The renaissance fair opens here this weekend in AZ and I try to make it out once every year. As far as Person of Interest Channing Tatum, with a new movie coming out this weekend and he is to become a future superhero, I thought it best to share my current obsession Interest in his work.

Flower Crowns

Floral Crowns 
I am glad these are in style right now and can really where them anytime, the only time I was able to or thought “safe” to wear one was the renaissance fair here in town along with my tiara. So I am excited for the fair to be opening to wear mine. Something I thought I would try this year is to make my own, it looks easy for the most part and have watched some videos. I think it is for sure a DIY project I can pull off. When I do I shall post it here and share with you all. 

Fairy Fun


Not just Tinker Bell and friends, fairies in general I like the magical realm that they seem to represent. I started looking up or researching what exactly a fairy was in reading about them I came across an interesting origin of why they were fairies. When God casts out angels for their sinful ways some fell deep into hell became demons, the ones that fell on earth in the land and sea became fairies. Most the fairies that we see out and about today at renaissance fairs or a of con choice are the beautiful mystic creatures from an unknown land of enchantment and have an unlimited supply of fairy dust. Then there is Tinker Bell, while at first I did not see why she received all the attention when she was from Peter Pan but now I know, and its not bad that I enjoy the movies and those at Pixie Hallow?

Channing Tatum <3

Channing Tatum <3 by superheroesxyz on Polyvore

Channing Tatum
I originally fell for him in the movie She’s the Man with Amanda Bynes, most discovered him in the movie Step Up with his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Who knew after all this time he would turn into the star he is today. He has some interesting roles and to me so far plays ever charming beau in the movies for all the hopless romantics really well. The Vow was a favorite Dear John was Ok, The action movies like G.I Joe and White House Down were also some faves. I can’t wait to see him in his new movie Jupiter Ascending along with Mila Kunis and best of all Gambit in the next X-Men Apocalypse. Playing a great Beau, pulling off numerous outfits and now becoming a superhero, i’ll take one please.

Do you think floral crowns can be pulled off anytime or just fairs?
Is Jupiter Ascending on your To Watch list?

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