Where has the last 4 months gone? They seem like they went by in the blink of an eye (I was not expecting that to rhyme). My full intention was to keep up, get things posted, and share with you all, even if it’s only one person reading what I write.

I could say I am sorry but am not, I was being in the moments, with all the experiences I have had lately. Posting here and there on social media, but also putting the phone down more than I am used to. May – August were experiences, opportunities, relationships made, relationships made stronger and working on my life in general. I won’t get to sappy, and will continue on, Phoenix Comicon, Supernatural Convention, San Diego Comic Con and recently a success summit in Las Vegas Nevada. One event every month, aside from everything else I was doing at the time. Work probably hated me but I don’t regret asking for any of the time off.

I am going to take all the next 4 months with me as long as I can and of course some of what I learned into the new year (it’s right around the corner!) I do appreciate you all that read these posts, interact on social media and appreciate your friendship, whether in real life or via cyberspace. More to come here on the blog, I am not going to make any promises but definitely have a lot I want to share.

I have to remind myself sometimes why I started this blog, it was to share my geek-ness experiences things I love and whatever else may come up. I know not to share political business, or serious issues as to some that can scare them off. But in the end if it does, then it does there are worst things on the web then a non favored blog post. Therefore I am appreciative of everyone that is still here. Thank you with big cyber hugs! More to come! Let me know how you have been and what you are most looking forward to.