Star Trek Beyond is the
latest installment of the Star Trek Franchise, they did a good job
coordinating the release date. Star Trek Beyond was released during the 50th
year celebration, and ended up having the world premiere at one of the biggest
comic convention in the US, the San Diego Comic Con. I saw the movie first
in 3D and then again in 2D both of the times the film was great and is a must
see in theatres. I was also really happy with how they promoted this film as
well, it was done better than the 1st film and more than the second film, I am
really glad they pulled out all the stops for the 50th anniversary of the
franchise and the new film.
1. Better than
the 2nd film
 Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) I myself was not
a big fan of the 2nd movie as it just seemed like the same story line from the
original movies with role reversal. Seemed like they did not want to take
advantage of the fact that they created there own timeline, and can really do
whatever they wanted to do. This movie went back to the basics of not only what
made the 1st movie Star Trek (2009) a success, but what The
Original Series was back in the 1960s.
2. DR. McCoy aka
 The word on the web was Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy aka Bones) did not
want to return for the 3rd film, as he was not contractually obligated,
and due to the negative reviews the 2nd film had received when
released. This film would not have been what it was without the comic
relief of Bones! The progress and chemistry between Bones and Spock played by
Zachary Quinto was the highlight of the film. Dr McCoy character was able to
shine through this movie almost acting like a glue between the trio of Captain
Kirk, Spock and Bones himself.
3. The Altered
 I loved the fact that this movie was able to spread the wings
and fly with the new timeline that was created in the first film. The timeline
known as the Kelvin timeline, the film really reminded us that it was altered
and we are able to see that throughout the movie. The film set up things nicely
for the future, such as the possibility for new crew members, relationships
evolving into something more, and a new mission with the unknown. Even showing equality such as one of the main characters (Sulu) being gay in the film, and making it one of the first and a reminder that this is a different timeline. There were
scenes in this film that went back to the 1st movie that made it almost seem
like the 2nd one never happened which I liked.
Star Trek Beyond / Paramount / 2016
4. RIP Leonard
One of my favorite things of this film was the tribute they did
for Leonard Nimoy the man who played Spock himself. Not only in the first film
in 2009 when the timeline was altered but the Original TV series and the
following Star Trek Movies with the original crew. Making note that Ambassador
Spock really did die in this new timeline, and actually putting his
character to rest in the Star Trek Franchise itself. The best part
that warmed my heart and really my favorite part of the movie, was when the
current Spock goes through Ambassador’s Spock’s belongings and comes across the picture
of the original USS Enterprise crew from the original movie.
5. For Anton
 The actor Anton Yelchin who plays Chekov tragically passed
away before the movies release due to a freak accident. The film was complete
before the accident occurred but the cast and crew shared there sympathy, and
joined cast mate & one of the writers of the film Simon Pegg (Scotty) that
this film would be for Anton. They had a moving moment of silence and fireworks
during the World Premiere of Star Trek Beyond at San Diego Comic Con as well as
a memorandum during the credits of the film. Its been reported that the
character of Chekov will not be returning for the anticipated 4th installment
of the franchise, but curious to see how they will lay his character to rest.
6. Everything
 This movie was great, the exploration of a new world, the time
lapse that we have seen, the mixture of real life happenings embedded into the
film itself. The new characters that were brought into the film and the Star
Trek Universe such as Jaylah, and showing history of Starfleet itself with
Jaylah’s house aka the USS Franklin. The nods to the Original Series, the
chemistry between all the characters, and trying to get the trust back of the
Star Trek fan base. The score (soundtrack) was nicely done as well and new when
to have the biggest impact on certain scenes.
Bonus! I made it to the
premiere of Star Trek Beyond at San Diego Comic Con! Ok it was not how I
expected to attend, but was able to be in the atmosphere of the newest
installment of the franchise. I was able to see some of the celebrities,
generosity of those that had tickets, and some people that were trying to get
autographs as if their life depended on it.
Star Trek Beyond started
off the San Diego Comic Con (July 2016) right, by having their world premiere at one of the
biggest shows of the year. Word on how to get tickets to the event was pretty
hush hush until a couple days before the event would ensue. They were holding a
drawing of tickets down by where the event was going to be held at the North
Embarcadero Marina Park in San Diego California. I knew I was not going to make
it in time for the drawing, but I still had a sliver of hope. Skydance Media
was holding giveaways as well if you tweeted why you love Star Trek or shared
the YouTube trailer, I did numerous times, but was not good enough for a win.
I stood in the sidelines
and watched the celebrities exit their vehicles, I came up when J.J. Abrams
himself (directed the first 2 films & Star Wars) was signing autographs.
Then After was Idris Elba (Krall), Zachary Quinto (Spock), and Zoe Saldana
(Uhura), who looked gorgeous as always. I was happy to see actors such as
Zachary Quinto making his way to the red carpet, then took a sudden detour to
come see us in the sidelines, and sign a few autographs.


I would have stood there
for a while longer but saw an acquaintance roaming around who does things in
the Sci-Fi industry and asked if there were any tickets left, he took me where
tickets were still being given out but it was a fail. When I returned back to
where I started, I was met with a couple whom I met in 2006 at San Diego Comic
Con and we basked in the joy of the movie. We didn’t see any more celebrities
show up as the event was going to begin soon. When we were walking to our next
destination, fireworks went off! I love seeing fireworks at comic con. I had a
feeling they were for Anton Yelchin (Chekov) the actor who passed away to

I was so excited for
this experience, although I was unable to actually attend the event or get the
glorious swag bags of merchandise they gave attendees, I was happy to be in the
presence of it. I get to say I attended a premiere (sort of) like I would be
doing in Hollywood. Red carpet, actors and some screaming fans was all worth
it. It was a great way to kick of comic con and glad I got to experience that
later half with friends of comic con!
Have you seen Star Trek
Beyond? What did you think of the film? Let me know in the comments below or on
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Watchtower over & out!