50 year anniversary is known to be the golden anniversary of said relationships, this year we are celebrating the 50 year relationship with the Star Trek franchise. 50 years in a relationship always has its up and downs, for the most part Star Trek has had their moments, here are some things that I wanted to share with you.

My Dad
He has always been a fan of Star Trek, he would always talk
to me about how he would watch the Original Series when he was a kid. The
excitement he had for the show, such as the gadgets that helped shape the ones we see today and the future. Dad was thrilled when the new movie of the franchise
came out in 2009 he was blown away by the actor’s portrayal of the characters.
We finally saw the movie when he got out of the hospital, after that we had ourselves
a Star Trek Original Series Marathon. This was from Netlfix when they would mail you
out the DVDSs before all the streaming devices they have now. We have been to a couple of exhibits
together as well and love having Star Trek in our lives as it is something to talk about, brings us closer together, and one of the fandoms I am thankful for.
The Movie
Star Trek Beyond is the next installment in the franchise set to release July 22nd 2016, seeing the crew back on the Enterprise again gets me excited. The first movie
was awesome, the second I had mixed feelings about but this thrid one looks
great. I am so glad they are pulling out all the stops for this movie,
everything about it is being done nicely such as the character posters! These
character posters were gorgeous, and even the promos in general are great. I am
so happy to see the movie being promoted more than I believe the second film
was and is winning back the heart of Star Trek fans, ill mention more about the
movie soon.
I wish I were able
to get more of the merchandise that the Star Trek universe is offering for their 50th , but
here is one thing I am definitely thinking about picking up. A 50th Anniversary Star Trek Badge by Quantum Mechanix at the Star Trek Shop. Not only is there merchandise like these fancy looking badges,
but there is also exclusive merchandise that is has been launched and being launched this year. Some of the companies are going to be using the San Diego Comic Con as a
launching pad.

Anton Yelchin (AKA Chekov)

This was such a sad story about the freak accident that he
was involved in causing his passing, he was a great talent that was gone to
soon. I discovered his talent through a movie called Charlie Bartlett (2007) as he
stole my movie going heart when he took on the role of Chekov in Star Trek. I
was more sadden at the fact that he was more than likely suppose to be at
the world premiere of the latest installment, Star Trek Beyond at San Diego Comic Con.

Hall H Panel at San Diego Comic Con
The famous Captain Kirk himself William Shatner will be hosting a Star Trek “Celebrating 50 Years” Panel in the infamous Hall H at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. The panel will also feature Brent Spiner (Star Trek: Next Generation) Scott Bakula (Star Trek: Enterprise) and more. The panel is set to be held July 23rd 2016 at 2pm. I am going to put this on my battle plans, as I think it would be nice to see the different kinds of talents that have been able to be apart of the franchise.

MAC Makeup
I don’t really know the first thing about makeup, but with
names like Set to Stun, Khaaaaaan and Warp Speed I think I might pick up some
pieces. These colors look so shiny, the line doesn’t launch until August but if
you are attending the San Diego Comic Con they are offering one day presale to
purchase. Thursday July 21st is the day that the MAC
Gaslamp store will have the makeup available to purchase, the hours of the
presale have yet to be announced. For more information you can check out StartTrek.com

World Premiere at San
Diego Comic Con
Star Trek is definitely going to provide an experience to
remember at San Diego Comic Con, if you are one of the lucky ones to attend this
event. Star Trek is going to be premiering the latest installment of the
franchise Star Trek Beyond during one of the biggest shows of the year. Not
only I am excited for the movie, but this experience makes me even more excited
for the movie.  Skydance and Paramount Pictures
have yet to release any info on tickets, but I definitely have my fingers
crossed to attend such an event. I think it is awesome for Star Trek as they
have previous events during comic con with viewing of both Star Trek and
Star Trek Into Darkness. You can read the official announcement on the SDCC Comic Con Site.
Home is Where the Journey is by Calvin Ma
Star Trek Art Exhibit
Another event that will be debuting at this year’s San Diego
Comic Con is the Star Trek Art Exhibit that will have pieces celebrating the 50
years of Star Trek. There will also be a piece by Spock himself Leonard Nimoy. After the art exhibit debuts at the comic con they will head to the 50th
anniversary Star Trek convention in Las Vegas Nevada and other states as well
as some trips across the pond such as London. More information on the artists and exhibits itself can be found at StarTrek.com

Enterprise Restoration Project
The New Startship Enterprise D Bridge Restoration, the CEO Huston and his team are bringing a Hollywood Sci Fi Museum to Hollywood.
The New Starship brings the bridges from Star Trek The Original Series and that
of The Next Generation to comic cons and other events to share and educate fellow fans. I finally met Huston in real life at the Phoenix Comic
Con 2016 and looking forward to seeing the bridge at the San Diego Comic Con this month. I was able to interview them back in September
2015 and am glad to have them on the website.


New Star Trek Series on CBS
Star Trek is coming back to television, well somewhat. CBS is going to be launching a new Star Trek series in 2017, the first episode will run on television, and the following episodes will be airing on the CBS streaming service All Access. I am excited to see Star Trek hitting our screens again, even if its not primetime on TV, something will be better than nothing. There is no official premiere date yet, but it is set to broadcast in January 2017.

The latest news that I came across was the character of Sulu was going to be Gay in the latest installment of Star Trek. John Cho (Sulu) Simon Pegg (Scotty & a contributing writer for the movie) with the Director Justin Lin went along with it as they thought it would be a nod to Geroge Takei. George Takei played the character Sulu in the Original Series of Star Trek back in the 60’s and came out as being gay in 2005. I have mixed emotions about this, as I believe everybody is entitled to love who they want to, but the reasons that I think this choice came about is what bothers me. Not only changing the vision of the creator Gene Roddenberry himself but those of, we need to make everyone happy, we cannot offend anyone (which is impossible) and more people will watch the movie.  I hope they are doing it for better reasons, as I know the doings in the first movie created an altered timeline and give them the ability to do this. I still have mixed feelings, but my love for franchise over powers the decision of them deciding to make a main character gay, rather than a brand new one that people can fall in love with.

Those are some of the reasons why I am excited for Star
Trek, what I am thankful for and what I have to look forward to in the future, even if some of them I have mixed emotions on. Star Trek helped shaped me who I am today and I thank Gene Rodenberry (The
Creator)for that.

Do you like Star Trek? What are you most excited for?

Until next time
Watchtower over & out