This Week I am recovering from Phoenix Comicon that was held this past weekend 5/28-5/31 I am working on some wrap up post that I cannot wait to share with you! In the mean time here is a movie review of Spy, I got to go to a pre screening of this movie and it is one you do not want to miss.

Being in the field as a Spy: Movie Review

I was lucky enough to attend a pre screening of SPY that is
not due out until June 5th 2015, I can get used to this. I am not the best at giving reviews because if I think something is awesome and should be heard about there is not a whole lot to say. So I am going to give this a shot, let me know what you think!

Subject Details:
Name: Spy
Release Date: June 5th
Starring: Melissa McCarthy Jason Statham
alongside Rose Byrne, Jude Law and Allison Janey

                                                                   CIA analyst Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is the magic
behind the doings of fellow CIA Agent in the field Bradley Fine (Jude Law) When
his identity and that of all the other CIA Agents are discovered there is little
to no hope of stopping a global disaster, until Susan Cooper Volunteers her
invisibility to help with the mission.  After
being given a new identity and on her way with the mission at hand she is aided
or hindered by former Agent Ford (Jason Statham) that thinks he is
best fit for the mission at hand.

Melissa McCarthy comes out on top in this film, a genuine
role made suit for her to shine, the pairing with Jason Statham was so unique
and to me one of the best parts of the film. The screen time they shared together
were my favorite parts of the movie, with the seriousness of Jason Statham’s topped off with comic relief from the both of them.

Through the movie with the mission at hand, the changes in
the story, the twists, action and all it had to offer this movie had me
laughing all the way through and a genuine laugh not just one or two haha that
was funny moments the whole movie was full of them, and refreshing to me as
well, that it was genuinely funny and the characters were great as well with
the comic aspect coming naturally to them all. This was in my opinion one of
Melissa McCarthy’s best movies and am planning on seeing it again when it does
hit theatres because it was that good.

Bottom line this movie was awesomely funny and refreshing, not only is it something that is different then what has been hitting theaters lately but also refreshing to see a good true comedy can still be made.

Are you planning on seeing it? How did I do?