This is a
subscription box that I would say is still fairly new the subscription box
trend, two powerful
entities coming together for MARVELous glory. Funko Pops and Marvel have come together to create the Collector Corps Box. A themed box every two months is sent out
with Exclusive Funko Pop Vinyls and other marvelous goodies. I heard about the box when they first launched it back in April with the Avengers theme for the new Avengers Age of Ultron that was coming out at the time.
Marvel Collector Corps

The latest theme was announced as the Secret Wars, for some reason I was drawn to this one as I had hopes of a Female Thor Pop and I was right!! Fear not even though I had missed out on the previous boxes the Avengers and Ant Man they were available for purchase when I signed up for my subscription although I still had to pass. The box has a theme every two months, and I think I love the box just as much as the items. The theme for August was Secret Wars.

The boxes come with the theme on it and who the box might feature, if I already loved the box I can’t imagine whats inside. As soon as you lift the top of you are greeted with a Marvel Collector Corps pin and a patch featuring the new Captain America also known as the Falcon. 

Open the box further, a tshirt with and a Secret Wars comic book stare right back at you. Who doesn’t love T-Shirts?

Then the two items that make it all worth getting the Funko Pop neatly placed at the bottom of the box, yes my Spidey did look a little off but still looked great. These were tagged exclusive and as far as I know are not sold in stores or widely available…yet.

My favorite piece in the box was Thor she was marvelous! I was very happy with how the figure turned out and happy to add her to my collection. The other items were ok as I have not delved into all the Secret Wars story lines, but know the characters. I think some of these will make some great gifts, trades in the future, or maybe a giveaway??

Marvel Collector Corps box I recommend! They are a little bit up there in the price range, as the total comes out to $31.00 but I feel you get your money’s worth as some of these Funko Pop figures are not even sold in stores, the box is nice, the shirt, the exclusivity I think it is all worth what you are paying. Who doesn’t like a box full of goodies in their mailbox every now and then?

Collector Corps next theme is Villains and is scheduled for October, the last day to sign up for the Villains box is October 18th don’t miss out. 
The downside to any subscription box is avoiding the internet until you get the box. It was very hard and tried as best as I could to not come across spoilers. I came across a picture and was shouting no as I dropped down to my knees but the excitement was still there as I was opening the box myself as I survived a spoiler. 
Have you
subscribed to Marvel Collector Corps? Which is your favorite subscription box
so far?

Until next time
Watchtower over and out