I didn’t realize how long it has been since I posted and I
strongly dislike when that happens, I have had many things lining up for my
site and I. I am excited and nervous at the same time, but more excited than
nervous. I was going to try and keep this all classified but instead, thought I would share some if it with you and to give
little sneak peeks

Amazing Arizona Comic
I went Feb 12-14th and had an amazing time for
lack of a better word, Watching the Deadpool Movie with the creator of
Deadpool, interviewing the creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a Geek
Fashion Show and so much more. I am working on the posts, there were so many
awesome people and experiences, I didn’t want to throw it all in one post. I
have some great post ideas that came from that show and want to share them in a fun way.
Supporting the
Supernatural Family.
Becoming a fan of the TV show Supernatural last year, it has become a big part of my life and I want to support it any way I can. I am
working on an interview post for AIR Attitudes In Reverse and their new Phoenix
Chapter in Arizona. Supernatural is known for their Mental Health Awareness and one of the
organizations that raise awareness is AIR. I am so excited to be writing about
them. They are trying to bring a powerful exhibit called “In Their Shoes” to
the Phoenix Supernatural Convention in June. They will be attending the Las Vegas
Convention next month and am hoping to see them when they come to Phoenix!
Custom Bags
I did not sew them myself but my parents found the fabric,
customized it with Black Widow lettering and we got these bags custom made and
going to start selling them!
I am so excited, I took the bags to a seamstress and told
her how I wanted them done and had some bags she can refer to. I am excited
about this and want to see if anyone would be interested in custom made bags,
you can give me an idea or buy one already made. I am excited to sell one of
these Black Widow Bags as I have a hard time finding her anywhere and these
turned out pretty awesome!
Comic Con season is upon us I have been volunteering at San
Diego Comic Con since 2006 and more recently a few more comic conventions have
been added to my volunteer list. Volunteering is a great way to get to know a
convention and I am going to be sharing my experience more here on the site for
those that are interested. That was also what I was doing before I was able to
get press passes and have always had such a great time volunteering at
San Diego Comic Con
This year I am going to San Diego Comic Con! I already had a
pass as a volunteer but I wanted to try and buy some days to have more time to
myself to maybe get cool coverage for my site and not worry about the volunteer
times. I did not get approved for a San Diego Comic Con press pass which I was
sad about for a second but there is always next year. I was able to score Thursday
& Sunday tickets for me and a couple I met at the convention in 2006. I
also will be going with a friend this year who is signed up as a volunteer. I
am excited to know that I am going and will have more posts up when it gets
Dads Heart
My Dad has a mechanical heart device called the LVAD the
Left Ventricular Assist Device. He has had it for going on seven years now, I
started a fundraiser called Help Dad’s Heart back in 2009 to get it for him. He
was officially put on the heart transplant list November 2015, we received a
phone call a few weeks ago. It was an emotional day as it became a reality for
us, but the donor heart ended up being bad. My parents made me who I am today
and played a big part in the things I love to this day along with the support,
so I need to keep them around as long as I can.

Top Secret
I have a basic idea of something super classified that I
have been slow to the start on. I am not sure if it will have the start I would
like it to in the Geeky Community. What I want to do I don’t think there is
enough of yet in the community and although similar, would have to make clear why mine
is different. I have been continuing research and what to do next. I don’t want to give to much
away, I at least have the name and the vision. I am not sure whether
to start a kickstarter, line up my ducks more or just see where it goes when I
say lets go.
Tower’s Watchlist for my website. I have had the page up for
a while but have recently wanted to redo it and make it mean something and have
a place that artists/vendors and just awesome people I come across want to be
on. I have met so many people since I started my website and always like
telling people about them

I am always weary about bringing this up, but my site is
becoming more of a reality for me and want to take it further, and get it to where I can
see it going. It has not been a main focus because that is not why I started it, but making a nickel or two that can help with some things for the
site would be great. Also those nickels will help when the time comes to cover a convention. I have looked into affiliates and will let you know when links are used, I do not want to “advertise” just
to advertise. What I have planned, is to really experience the products or
merchandise offered and make it a genuine experience and actually mean something
to me.
Behind the Scenes and Events that come up
Then their is behind the scenes things, I have been working with some artists/ vendors and content creators to work together, help them out with some things and offer what I can to the community that I love being apart of. I also have random events that come up and if I am off and free I like to go to them. 
I wanted to share with you my upcoming projects, things I am
working on and what is going one to show I am not abandoning ship. Things are way better when there are sneak peeks right?
Thank you for continuing to stop by I have many great things continuing to be
in the works and ideas for my website and hope you can all be a part of it.
If you don’t already be sure to follow me on Twitter or Instagram for updates or if you would like to drop a line feel free to send an Email
Until next time
Watchtower over & out