Another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, and a great one at that I am so glad I was able to experience all that I did and who I got to experience it with. This year was filled with so many different emotions, it took me awhile to recover. Before the convention I came across a post from a fellow blogger asking What is your Comic Con Mission? It got me thinking what was able to finally come up with My Mission for this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

In the process of gathering all my thoughts, recovering from comic con, returning back to “reality” and trying to write a wrap up post, I was trying to think about the outcome of my mission and what did I do to try to accomplish it.

My Mission was a challenge for me, I am usually shy and reserved and usually wait for others to start the conversation first. Having the mission pushed me a little more to start the conversation, keep it going, engage, connect and be there in the moment with people. I am hoping some things pan out with those I talked to, future connections and so on, I am excited to see what the future holds with the doings of Comic Con.

Now that I think back on it while writing this, there are times I think I could have done more, engaged more, connect more, just more I could have done. Some of the blocks I have for myself as mentioned before sometimes prevented me from taking the first step. However, I made progress which I was proud of and can only think you have to walk before you can run. My alter ego is the just go and run but I have yet to reach that point.

One of the things for me that I was the most proud of was introducing myself and site, during the Wrath of Con Bloggers Panel I attended on Thursday. With San Diego Comic Con bloggers Megan The Nerdy Girlie, Tony Crazy 4 Comic Con, Alyssa Friends of CCI and Leonard An Englishman in San Diego. Tony had asked for those with a new site a year or younger, to introduce themselves and I did. Talk about a rush in front of all those people with eyes on me, that took a lot for me and worked out pretty well.

 Cards and Shirt for the Site Superhero Me by Rebecca Hicks Card by My Dad

In the midst of all that I was also trying to decide if my mission for this year’s comic con was a mission accomplished or a mission fail, I like to think of it as a mission in progress. I had gone to previous smaller conventions and tried to work up for the big show. I had my moments, and when I did go further the conversation only grew, and hope it will lead to more for the future of the site and future comic cons. This mission is going to be one that I think will be in progress for awhile, and glad this was the year that it was created.

How was your San Diego Comic Con Mission? Accomplished, Progress?

Until next time….
Watchtower over and out.