A page for the most wonderful time of the year! San Diego Comic Con!
this will be my eighth year ( I believe so ) and wanted to share my treasured post I have previously written as well as some new ones. I hope come in handy, even if it is just one person! San Diego Comic Con is the time to research and read all things, there is so much information out there.

Make sure to keep an eye out on the news and whenever you have free time check out posts, sites, share them with friends. Soon there will be so much info it will be hard to keep up so make sure to share with your comic con friends as well in case they miss it!

ABCs of SDCC Part 1   
ABCs of SDCC Part 2
These were so fun to write! I went through & scratched out those that applied to 2015 but there is some great information on all things SDCC related! Going to be adding some new things as well.

Mission for SDCC 2016 – What is your mission for SDCC this year?

Celebrities: SDCC Edition My golden year for meeting actors was 200, now they have just become sightings, here are some actors I have met

Stay Zen at SDCC This is possible and a must for the big show

Star Trek at SDCC 50th Anniversary of Star Trek and ways they are celebrating at SDCC

Take my Money: SDCC Exclusives Things I am hoping to pick up this year

SDCC WB Bags & Covers 2016

Keep Calm & Save Money Never to late to save for SDCC! Especially now that we are down to the wire! Save up so you don’t have to worry about penny pinching during the show

SDCC Playlist  Music is essential! During traveling and trying to zen at the show.

SDCC Mission for 2015 What is your SDCC mission? A post inspired by Crazy4Comicon This from 2015 will apply to this year as well!

How to Volunteer at a Comic Con

DO’s & Dont’s of Volunteering

San Diego Comic Con vs Phoenix Comicon 

A Look Back Previous Battle Plans: SDCC 2015
A Look Back SDCC Wrap Up 2015

San Diego Comic Con Website

More will be added! Make sure to check back and Share!

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