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What do you do after attending a Heart Failure symposium on a Saturday Morning for family? You go to the Southwest Maker Fest. I was really excited to share with you my time at this event, held in Downtown Mesa Arizona, this was the second year they have put it on and they plan to do it again in 2016. Southwest Makers Fest had exhibitors of all sorts including artists, technology, art items and other hand crafted products. There were areas that included a robotics, interactive zones and workshops. This event embraced the innovation and curiosity of those that think outside the box. Visitors of all ages were empowered to embrace the new ideas, techniques in using the things around them and for the world we live in today. The University of Advanced Technology, Intel, and Microchip were some of the sponsors that helped with this event.

The street was filled with vendors and exhibitors of all
sorts, comic book artists, crafted wood to robots and robotic arms. Of course
for this event I took out some cash which I like to use at events as such, just
a security precaution I take and it is better to keep track of as well, I
conducted a walk around and see everything first and then decide if there was
anything I wanted to buy and would circle back around.

Here are some of the booths I visited and got to talk with,
I learned a lot about what is available in our community as well and got to know
some of the local craftsmen hearing about the next shows  and/or events they were going to be at was informative as some were events I have not heard of before.
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Tech Shop
The stack of Jumbo Jenga Blocks they
had in front of their space was my attention grabber, who wouldn’t want to play Jenga with over sized
blocks? They had a 3D printer and some items they had on display, I asked
exactly what it was and you can have a membership there to “Build Your Dreams”
as they say and bringing up Comic Conventions they said it was a great space to
do your Cosplays and they have equipment that can save you a good amount of
time as well.

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Drakey Art

Walking by this table I recognized the art from Dev Con that I recently attended. When I asked if she was at Dev Con she said yes and even recognized me. It was really fun to talk to Nancy, I noticed she had The Little Mermaid painting that I was oh so tempted to buy, she does fantasy artwork, such as mermaids, fairies, butterflies, and her husband is the artists for the dragons. I love fantasy art and she knows one of my favorite fantasy artists Ruth Thompson who I have already met, and bought pieces from at the Renaissance fair.
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Woudlers Wooden Accessories

I was looking everywhere for a phone cove and had to settle for one I found in a mall, but I think I have found one to soon replace my current case. He only had cases for the IPhone but showed me some that he had for my phone which is the LG3 He can custom make them and they would be good for Comic Conventions.

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All sorts of handmade jewelry, necklaces many different styles and themes, bracelets, numerous earrings many made with stones, glass, coins. I would have bought half the table if I could.

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Ready Comics 
Came across this artwork and knew eventually I would end
up buying something from him. He had a great set of the Avengers then and now
as in the Comic Book version with the modern day version, as seen with Hawkeye and Black Widow. When I made my second round I could not decide which one I wanted since I only wanted to buy one at the time. My
indecisiveness led to getting both of them. I will be buying some next time I
see his work, because sets of things should not go uncompleted.
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Plasma Phonic
Now introducing the Tesla coils I did mention that I would
get back to them. Plasma Phonic! Yes that does sound cool right? They were
going to be playing music using their Tesla coils, they were to go on at 7pm but
went on a little later but it was worth the wait, I could not stay for the
entire show do to work but what I did see was pretty awesome and glad
I stayed. It was pretty amazing to see what can be done with technology and electricity I am looking forward to future shows with them. During the setup and before they started I was talking to some who
had recently got there and they liked the art work I purchased early and got to
talking about comic books, comic cons, and Marvel  Vs. DC, and the great way to get into
conventions by volunteering.

I did not realize till later in the day that there were other areas such as an interactive robotics zone for kids, a kids zone with singing contest and other activities for them. One of the stores was hosting workshops that
you can build things and so much more was going on around the area. I had a lot of fun seeing all
the creativity, imagination, technology and meeting new people. One of the best
parts was it is all right here in my community. There were so many other vendors I enjoyed talking to and will have a special post in the future. I am looking forward to this Fest again in 2016. For more information be sure to check out there website. Southwest Maker

Have you been to a Makers Fest, all handmade items and exciting things to see?

Until next time
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