Trying to get back at it, writing that is; I can name all the excuses as to why I have been silent on here for the past few months; but I won’t. The last post I did was about my day job (a 911 dispatcher) and the past few months have had some cool stuff along with things I can live without, let’s just chalk it all up to adulting.

I have had so many things I have wanted to write about lately, my new stuff, a new show that I totally fell in love with, Celebrities and their political business/agendas (who wants to hear an unpopular opinion), all at the same time realizing I am coming up on my 4th year of having this little site on the cyber webs now. I know its touchy to write about certain things on the web, the fear of people unfollowing you or people being mean on the cyber webs when someone says something they don’t agree with. I haven’t, although I have a few drafted some up and they have yet to see the light of day.

I always listen to people share whatever they have to share whether I agree or disagree, me liking that person and or that persons content outweighs what their thoughts are on political situations or world matters, don’t get me wrong it’s their choice and right to voice it. I scroll and move on because their other content I enjoy. There is point where it becomes overwhelming, as some fail to see what good we have left in the world, or other things that can bring some positive vibes to the webs (there are still some!) soon enough there is no more content left that I enjoyed in the first place and need to move on.

Why am I writing this random piece of rambling, I have very different opinions on a lot of matters at hand that people are getting so involved in these days, and honestly can’t voice them as much as the next person. I have had pieces that I can tie into Hollywood or being a fellow geek as they are becoming more and more noticeable these days. I have thought a few times of writing pieces that may not fly well with the masses but at the same time am hesitant to make waves. I know there people out there who would say write what you want, it’s your site and so on, but at the same time a small handful would be the first to unfollow or be nasty about it. Which I understand they have the right to do with anything on the web.

I started this site to share all the things I love, fandoms I love, celebrity crushes with people who love it just as much as I do. But lately a lot of those things are being tainted, I won’t go into much detail about that either. I have just had a writer’s block, and when I finally do get something up know, I am grateful for the people who do read my posts, whether its 1 or 100 all of you.

I have had so many plans and fun things come up that I want to incorporate this site with, and really hoping to get the ball rolling. At the same time need to decide if it will be good for this site or to start something separate. Thanks again for checking out this odd post of a ramble.