This weekend is the Phoenix Comicon in Arizona! Usually I try to write up a battle plan before a convention that includes everybody and
everything that I am excited to see. So far time has escaped me and have been
really busy with drives up to the hospital and maintaining what needs to be
done at home. I thought I would write a quick post with the things I am most excited about, such as the new surprises the exhibitor hall will have, although I am not exactly sure on what they
are the chatter says awesome. This year I am volunteering and have a media pass for this site as well, I can’t wait to see what this year’s Comicon will bring. 
I am excited with a side of nervous-ness for this year, why the nervous aspect? May 21st my Dad received a heart transplant! He was on a heart machine called the LVAD Left Ventricular Assist Device for seven years and finally made it onto the list in November 2015. Although he is suppose to return home this week it did bring some new challenges along with it, rather than me spending the week focusing on Comicon, there are some challenges that I am up for, a hotel would have solved a few of them, but trying to find a hotel in downtown Phoenix the week of Comicon is a big No No. Some would ask why not stay home and not worry about Comicon? I laugh, Dad knows how much this convention and the San Diego Comic Con mean to me and wants me to go. He is recovering nicely and if things weren’t going well recovery wise of course I would not go, the real work begins for us on Monday after Comicon.

Graphics I made for social media
I am going to try to be more socially active on Instagram
and Twitter. I always take so many photos but always forget to post them, and they need
to be shared. This year I would like to write more about the Phoenix Comicon so
I am looking forward to what it has to offer. I am also working on getting rid
of my gift or sometimes curse of being an introvert and just walking up and
talking to people. I wrote a previous post on why this is always a challenge for
me when people say “You have a website now go talk to people” well this is
easier said than done, although I have made some progress. 

Another reason why I am excited about this year is my
peoples! I have really been trying to make an effort to meet people and create Comicon friends for life! Some of the friends I am planning to hang out with I
met being a volunteer. Phoenix Comicon also generously donated 10 complimentary
Thursday preview night passes to volunteers, so they can give them to friends and family to check out the Comicon. At this point I have
eight out of ten people going with two pending, best part is it will be their first time for all of them! I can’t wait to meet up with friends, meet new people and most of all have a great time at this year’s convention. 

Be sure to follow along on Twitter or Instagram for coverage and my attempt at being socially active.

Until next time
Watchtower over & out