Phoenix Comicon is right around the corner!

Getting Ready PHXCC

After a recent all hands volunteer meeting for Phoenix
Comicon and the last one this Saturday my excitement level is at an all time high. We also did a tour of the
convention center that would soon be transformed and filled for fun filled
nerdy memorable weekend. I will be volunteering this year along with my first
ever media pass for I wanted to share with you some of the
people/vendors/exhibitors that I am most looking forward to this year. Some I
have either met at Phoenix Comicon 2014 during my awesome Exhibitor hall job,
seen around at other conventions, and love seeing/talking to them whenever I
get a chance.
Little Vampires Website / Twitter
Booth 4084 
Finally saw her at Phoenix Comicon 2014 but have heard about
her for a long time, she was one of my sisters elementary school teachers, I
finally had the joy of meeting her and hearing about how she loved teaching and
now gets to enjoy her art, creating her Web Comics and go to conventions, she
loved hearing about my sister and was fun to catch up, now I try to see her
every convention for a selfie, and see Mr. Wolfie we have also met at San Diego
Comic Con.

Shelby Robertson Website / Twitter
Table 9122
His art is different, I probably look like a stalker
spending so much time at his table deciding which print to buy. I know I want
to buy one but there are so many! The first I bought was the set of Avengers at
Phoenix Comicon 2014, then bought some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle prints at
Fan Fest. I am looking forward to adding more to my collection from him maybe
the DC Justice League or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Set with Master
Splinter and Casey Jones.
All About Books and Comics Website / Twitter
Booth 11084/11086 
After discovering them in 2013 for Free Comic Book Day they
have become one of my favorite comic books shops, this is the first time I will
be seeing them at the convention and looking forward to see what they have.
This was the shop that did the kickstarter I had previously wrote about to move
there store and there mission was accomplished and moving to there new base of
operations in July.

David Fitzmaurice Twitter / Instagram
Table 2118 
Builds custom action figures, how awesome does that sounds? I met him at phoenix comicon while volunteering he was one as well, after discovering what he does and checking out his work we have become friends over the course of the year, running into him at Amazing Arizona Comicon I am so excited that he has a booth this year and cannot wait to see his work in person.

Build a Belt Website
Booth 13078 
Eddie was great to talk to when I could not make up my mind
of which belt buckle I wanted, I felt like a VIP with the belt I purchased. I
met him at Phoenix Comicon 2014 and saw him again at Phoenix Fan Fest 2014 his
prices were great for a belt and had a large selection of belts and buckles.
Bowie Art Website / Twitter
Booth 1066
I have yet to actually make a purchase but he had an amazing
Mighty Morphin Power Ranger set that I would put money down for in a heartbeat
if my will power didn’t decide to kick in, on top of that there was also a
great rendition of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Panda and Monster Side Show Facebook
Table 15122 
While Table watching at Fan Fest I got to talking to this
artists and was fun to check out his work, I try to keep up on his projects and
looking forward to seeing him and his work at PHXCC

Samurai Comics Twitter
Booth 6002
This was one of the first comic book shops I would go to,
with a few locations around my classified base, they always have something I
want to buy
Gotham City comics Booth 4040 twitter
A main street kind of comic book shop, the closest to my
classified base and always on my battle plans for Free Comic Book day I always
try to stop by the shop when I can and the customer service is great!

Drakery Art Website
Table 8121
Originally discovering her at Dev Con then talking to her
more at the Southwest Maker Fest I was excited to hear that she would be at
this years convention. I love fantasy art and found out she also talks to
another one of my favorite fantasy arts. I picked up my first piece from here
the maker fest and looking forward to another.
Fastawker Designs Website
Tables 9127/9129 
Discovered at Dev Con then saw her again at the SouthwestMaker Fest, Loving the Notebook covers and tote bags, looking forward to seeing
her handmade goodies again.
Gina’s Original AZ Facebook 
Table 10127 
First discovered her
work at the Southwest Maker Fest, and loved all she had to offer, turns any
wardrobe to unique and awesome in a heartbeat.
Ken’s Buttons
Table 17118 
Met at Fan Fest when I got to keep an eye out on his table,
I was looking everywhere for something Arrow and he had some great comic book
pictures for a button so I had to buy one because buttons are awesome.

Flex Comics Website / Twitter
Booth 10087

I have mentioned
before that I love when two of my favorite things come together, working out
and comics, even though I have been off the bandwagon of it lately they have
some cool merchandise.
Cult Classics AZ Website / Twitter
Booth 13080
I discovered them on FB when I saw a contest to win passes
to a pre screening for Insurgent which I won. Then seeing that they bring some
of our favorite movies to the big screens, with other awesome merchandise such
as shirts and posters, I have definitely kept up to date on their happenings.

Comicare Website / Twitter / Instagram
Table 4114 

when first running into this Iron Man I thought he was just a really good Robert Downey Jr. later finding out from a friend he was with an organization called Comicare. They accept donated comics and take them to sick children in hospitals, there is a whole group of them such as Wonder Woman, Thor, Captain America. I have been reading up on there work, and following them on their social channels and so fun to see what they are doing and events they attend.

Elveen’s Comics Website
Booth 3067 

I recently got into comics, and while looking for Thor #1
where the Female Thor is introduced I came across Elveen’s Comics. Christian
was great I had no idea where to start really and he explained numerous things
about the different comics, different genres and helping me start out as a
comic reader it was a great experience and to take the time to do that at a big
convention, already have a pull list if the titles are available.
Zia Records Twitter
Booth 4016
Discovered upon winning a pre screening pass for Insurgent
through Cult Classics AZ, and discovering there store (amazing if I might add)
of awesomeness. Music, movies, merchandise, comics, books, buy sell trade oh my
I cannot wait for them to take my money.
Comics and Stuff
Booth 2006 
This store that I know of is based out of California, I went to one of their shops while on a mission in San Diego CA that place would have robbed me. I could have spent hours in there store and was also where I added Rafiki, Scar, and Black Widow to my Funko Pop Collection I am so excited to see all of what they will have at the convention.

Aspen Comics Twitter
Booth 10066  

I was a fan of the artwork if I ever came across it but then
became friends with someone who their favorite artists did work for Aspen Comics,
know aside from always getting him something I have been enjoying the stories
and artwork. I have bought my friend some of the comic books and had the
artists sign it at San Diego Comic Con and now 
I am looking forward to picking up another copy of the volume of Kiani
that I picked up at Amazing Arizona Comic Con it was tough to part with so now
I need to finish the story.

SuperHeroStuff - Shop Avengers Now!

Superhero Stuff Website
Booth 6085 
not only are they an awesome affiliate but they have so much merchandise! If for some reason you have not found that
right item, or need somewhere to pick up something for family and friends this
would be the place to do it.
Ok so I am pretty much excited to see everyone that will be
there, that may seem like a lot, but with the expansion of the Exhibitor hall
this year my list will be much longer next time.
Are you going to Phoenix Comicon? Who are you most excited
to see?

Until next time
Watchtower Over and Out