Phoenix Fan Fest

Phoenix Fan Fest was October 22-23rd at the time
in my life I needed a small convention to go to and see friendly faces. I wasn’t able
to spend a lot of money at this show, due to medical bills for Dad’s new heart,
but I still had a great time. I enjoyed the show being closer to my base of
operations as it had its pros and cons that I shared some thoughts on. After
all that I wanted to share fun moments I had at the show and regardless of the
pros and cons I will most likely be going anyway!

Again this was a small show but always a good reason to dress up for the occasion! When I arrived I wanted to
make sure I did a quick run around to see what the show had to offer before I really dived
into anything. The setup was basic, autographs, media guests, photo
opportunities and the large cosplay groups surrounded the exhibitor floor.
There was plenty of room to walk around and take your time looking at
everything, even snapping a picture with someone in costume.


Phoenix Fan Fest
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Panel: I made it to the Agents of
S.H.I.E.L.D Panel! Held on Saturday, there was no line when I arrived and had a fair
amount of people in the room. I was not to concerned with finding a seat up
close as it mostly looked full. Elizabeth Henstridge (Jemma Simmons) and Brett
Dalton (Grant Ward) took the stage shortly after. The chemistry between the two was fantastic!
Most of the panel was filled with laughter, the audience had great questions,
such as Elizabeth’s reaction to finding out the new season was to include Ghost
Rider, which she was excited for. I will admit Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was hard for me to get into as we had an
on again off again relationship, I was still aware of what they were talking
about and the major incidents that occurred, and am watching the newest season
Phoenix Fan Fest
Spotlight Panel on
Tahmoh Pinekett:
Tahmoh is known for his roles as Karl “Helo” Agathon on Battlestar
Galactica and Gadreel on Supernatural. After seeing him in his panel, it made me
want to get a photo op with him but the wallet wouldn’t agree. He was
very amusing and seemed like a stand up kind of guy. Talking about his time on
Battlestar Galactica with some of the experiences he had along with his fellow actors he
worked with. My favorite
part of the panel was when he told the moderator “you can have my spot” after
feeling official with the podium and wanting to take his spot there instead.
Later after the panel, although I did not get a picture or a selfie with him, I
did introduce myself and thanked him for coming out to the show, that has to
count for something right?

People: Running
into familiar faces is always fun and meeting new ones is always a joy. I saw
many at this show and met a few new ones as well that I hope to connect with
more in the future!

Phoenix Fan Fest

Artist and Creator
Friends who make things!
Drakey Art, Deane’s Art and Ken’s Buttons! I love seeing
them at all the shows I go to and they always have something new that I can pick up for my collections.
I also met some new folks such as Nerd Dollz, with handmade bundles of cuteness
and MonkeyBoots Art who had some great frames to store artwork in.

Phoenix Fan Fest

Friends and Content Creators: Wayward Nerd whom I previously met at a comic con and talked
about her latest venture with the Supernatural City Road Trip Contest. Met Hometown
Geek for the first time so fun to talk to! My pal Dave who not only does custom
action figures but is always supporting me with my site, and ran into Beth a Supernatural Family member whom I met at a Supernatural Convention.

Phoenix Fan Fest

A First: Phoenix Fan Fest offered some passed for me to hold a contest/giveaway and give single day passes to winners. This was my first official giveaway that I had ever done on the social media, and although there wasn’t a lot of time, I think it was still a success. I did a simple one on both my Instagram page and Twitter page. A matter of reposting and following one of the artist in attendance Drakey Art! They even decided to giveaway a print to a final winner! Alyx is pictured on the left with the piece she picked out “The Gathering”. I also got to turn a cyber ship into another real life one! Talking about geeky fun stuff with Nick on Instagram for a few months and was one of the winners for passes! I was so happy to meet him and his guests, was even more excited when I found out it was their first Fan Fest! 

This show seemed to go by in a flash and Barry Allen wasn’t even in site! Although small I still had a great time, I connected with some exhibitors and vendors that I think will set up some future projects that will be fantastic for the both of us. Met new people which is always a bonus, saw familiar faces and caught up. Looking forward to there next show the Phoenix Comicon in May 2017!

What is a small fun show you have attended recently? 

Until next time, Watchtower over and out.