Where did June Go? Now San Diego Comic Con will be here sooner than I can imagine! In the mean time more so the last few weeks so much has happened, in my geektastic world I haven’t even had a chance to write about it all yet. What are some of the things you may ask? Well one of them was Phoenix Comicon that was at the end of May. It was a memorable one, the crazy guy with guns and knives who wanted to kill a former Power Ranger actor. That guy derailed the start of comicon, implemented changes at the show (and perhaps future shows) and an actor is now on a mission for comic con safety. I say all that in the most serious voice because the threat of someone’s lives including Law Enforcement officers is no joke.

Having an armed man, a massive prop ban and a day with a 2 hour que while 100 plus degress outside, should not be the only thing Phoenix Comicon (PHXCC) 2017 should be remembered for. There are those that still managed to have a good time amongst the drama, security rules, hot weather and new security measures, I was one of those. Due to PHXCC changing their staffing from volunteer to paid for reasons, there are some that decided not to even go to the show because of it, which is understandable. I still went and glad I did, I was able to obtain a media pass and volunteers were thought of this year and next year for their services in 2016.

This year at PHXCC I really wanted to connect with people, get a selfie with them, meet people I have been talking to online for a while and connect with new people at the show. I feel this year was a mission accomplished. Meeting new friends thanks to an awesome friend, going to a rooftop party, well more like gathering is a proper word, and another after party. Being with friends who enjoy the same thing I do, and hanging with a friend I don’t see often throughout the year but comicon brings us together. Catching up, getting coffee, connecting it all means a lot to me when we can just hang out together for a second even outside of the hustle and bustle a comic con has to offer.

Cosplayers, so many cosplayers so little time, I knew a few of them thanks to a friend that is very involved in the community and always gives me support and shares his connections he has with me. The group of cosplayers I sponsored for a parade back in March, some from a group itself and seeing how excited  I wanted to make sure I got pictures with cosplayers, I know it’s always fun to get a picture of them to, but there are so many people and sites that do it already. I always debate to get one with them or of them, and this year I chose with them. I am more likely to look back at them and makes the picture special to me. Especially meeting new cosplayers I have been following forever on Instagram.

The show overall was a great one, after they worked out all the kinks with the events that happen on preview night and got it together things ran smoothly. If you want to know everything that went on just google Power Ranger Phoenix Comicon 2017 and it will all come up. I didn’t want to do a novel writing of each day of what I did with some useless details. Instead I have some post ideas and ones I am working on to share with you all, hopefully sooner than later. Stay tuned, so much more exciting stuff to write about I don’t even know where to start. May – July is always the busiest time of my so called life and wanted to prep more to have posts out faster but it was not happening and mad props to people who do manage to get it done! I had fun at this show and looking forward to more.

Did you go to Phoenix Comicon? How do you think their actions will affect other shows?