I have been to comic conventions as a volunteer, spectator, fan and more so recently a content creator, this by far has been a fun experience for me and have so many goals! I am happy to say I was approved for a media pass for the upcoming Phoenix Comicon (PHXCC) in Downtown Phoenix Arizona! This is not my first year with a media pass for PHXCC, but after all the changes they were doing I wasn’t sure if I would get approved, so I was super excited when I got the congratulations email.

I usually volunteered at PHXCC along with having a media pass, however this year will be different for me. I didn’t volunteer, due to PHXCC going to paid staffing for reasons they were running into as a growing convention. I love PHXCC, one of the biggest conventions here in my own backyard, but I made the choice not to “apply” for a paid position this year. Volunteering wise I didn’t have the best experience last year for reasons, and this was one of a few deciding factors of why I choose not to apply.

I learned a lot while volunteering and had fun that is what is important, I did have some great years, made great connections, discovered something I love about conventions (working the exhibitor floor) even though my introvert-ness got the best of me sometimes. I am wishing all the best to PHXCC this year with the many changes they have done so far, the ones they are going to have on site, and hoping for a smooth show overall. They had to make some tough decisions, but if all goes well they can come out on top and start a whole new trend in the comic con industry.

A main goal this year for me, although I got better last year, is to be more socially active! Not only in person but online as well. When I am at a show I get in the zone and don’t connect as much as I can online, I can only hope to improve this year. PHXCC has a great lineup this for this year, changes within the exhibit floor and I am sure more exciting things we will discover when the time finally arrives!

PHXCC will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center in Downtown Phoenix AZ May 25th-28th 2017

What are somethings you would like to see posted online during the show?