The weekend of Dec 4-6th was not only the weekend
of Phoenix Comicon’s sister show Fan Fest it was also a weekend of first for me
and ones to add to my list of why 2015 has been a great year so far. Why is this post so late? Well the feeling of getting hit by a semi truck has finally passed and was able to catch up on some things, and its never to late to share your first time.

This year due to my real full time job I was unsure if I was
going to able to attend the convention, my schedule was ever changing at the
moment and was not certain till a little more than a week or so before. Therefore
I was unable to sign up as a volunteer, not being able to attend meeting and
did not want to commit if I could not attend. While applying for a media pass
somehow an email that was sent was overlooked (I have yet to find said email) and
my application was denied, fear not I will hopefully be back in action for the
Phoenix Comicon next year.

Like the rest of the convention goers I bought a full event
membership even and attended Saturday and Sunday of the convention. I realized
this was the first show that I have ever just bought a pass to and attended. I
have attended many shows, but they were in the results of volunteering,
volunteering and buying a pass and more recently through a media pass thanks to
this website. As I was walking around just browsing everything I realized this
was the first out of all the shows to just buy a pass and go. It was and
interesting feeling, no pressure, no time constrictions, no must do before you
leave the show kind of things.

Another first of the show was wearing a dress! Yes, I am a t
shirt and jeans type of girl, but after scoring at a store for the Her Universe
Marvel Collection Black Widow Dress a couple of months ago for only $25.00 I knew
this would be the show to debut it at. I felt comfortable wearing it to this
show as it was smaller, family oriented and didn’t seem like to much pressure.
I thought it was fun to walk around in, although I have found out this can
double as a Star Trek Uniform. I was really happy as most people said I love
your trek uniform dress, so next time I am wearing the badge. I wore a pair of leggings
with it one it was cold, and I am not that comfy in a dress yet. I enjoyed
the compliments I had on it as I was as nervous as can be for wearing it, and looked good next to Iron Man.

The first of wearing a dress also led to another first and
another reason why I decided to wear it on Saturday, was for the Fan Fest After
Dark Party. Yes a party as if I don’t have a hard enough time talking to people, I decided to give it a try. I didn’t want to go completely solo, a friend I met a VIP Power
Ranger dinner attended as well. I
bought the ticket online when I bought my pass as I knew if I had thought about
it all day, I would have changed my mind and decided not to go. It was
fun to people watch at first, wishing I had the guts to go dance on the
dance floor like some of the fellow nerds.
Where there is a party there is a dance floor and somehow I ended up on it and stayed on it
longer then I thought I would. I danced half the night away on a dance floor with a circle of some cool nerds. I had no idea who they were,
and will probably never see them again. It was crazy being in the middle of the dance floor dancing, I had never done
such a thing before. It was hot and it was fun, after the night was over I gave
the guys some of my cards. I told my friend who went with me I had never
done that before, he was not on the dance floor long but he was the one
that got me on it. I thank him for getting me out on the dance floor. I had such a great
time and even thinking about it now brings a smile to my face! I can’t wait
till the next party.

Attending a panel was another first! I have not
attended a panel at this show before, but this one seemed like a must with my
current obsession phase with the TV show Supernatural. Alaina Huffman & Julian Richings who both played on Supernatural were doing a spotlight panel, I had to attend to see fellow
Supernatural family members. This was also my first attempt at Everyday Cosplay
of the character Dean Winchester, I have much work to do but I knew who I was.

Dean Winchester Everyday Cosplay
This was a great show, I still received much feedback from
vendors and artists that I have come to know over the years, and even met some new ones that I would
love to one day talk about here on the site. This was a show of many firsts and
a great one to wind down the year with. I had a great time, and it was
different just attending with a regular badge. I was very happy with the show
this year, and looking forward to it growing in the future.

Did you attend Fan Fest in Glendale? What have been some of
your firsts at a comic convention?

Until next time
Watchtower over & out

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