Every year out by my base of operations a city nearby holds an Ostrich Festival, this also includes a parade to kickoff the weekend. I know ostriches have some sort of pull out here where there is farm land. I have never been but hear about it every year since I moved out here. Well this will be the first year I will be attending! I am going to be in the parade with awesome people by my side. Why have I decided to go after all this time? I sponsored a group of cosplayers under my site to walk in the parade!

I was approached by an acquaintance that I am currently helping with their social media accounts, she partakes in the event. When I told her I go to Comic Cons she asked if I can get some superhero friends to be in the parade, kids would love to see some of their favorite Superheroes and other characters. I thought it would be a great idea to “Sponsor” a group under my site. I thought it would be great exposure not only for me but for the cosplayers going and more opportunities with each other for the future.

This is my first time getting together a group let alone being in a parade I am as nervous as can be! I met up with a fellow friend who is busy being a real life hero (in the Armed Forces) He is one with the cosplay community and helped me out as far as direction to go. I see him at comic cons for a few and he has introduced me to a few people that I asked to be part of the event, and glad they accepted the opportunity.

Ostrich Festival

I am looking forward to this event, to meeting new cosplayers, seeing ones I have already met and hope the event goes smoothly for all of us. I have a group of about 19-25 cosplayers with characters from Wonder Woman, Captain America, Black Panther even Lilo and Stitch. I will try to post during the event and keep my cool! After the parade I am hoping to do a write u with all the awesome people that are going to spend there Saturday making many people happy!

If you are local in the Chandler/ Phoenix area come support our fellow cosplay community! Saturday March 4th starting at 10am. Here is the website for more information. https://ostrichfestival.com/ostrich-festival-parade/

I hope to see you there, and keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram for the awesome cosplayers that are going to join me.