Initiating file upload 2015….

Its never to late for a new years resolution right? Just not past January? Well, I recently came upon this one word resolution new year’s business and think it is a great idea.
This would fall under the .XYZ of the Superheroes but can definitely tie in.

2015: One Word

This year’s word: Forward
First Appearance: In the Dictionary
Origin: ‘Towards the Future’

I chose Forward because there are many things that can hold you back if you decide to stay there for to long. Having the ability or the power (like some superheroes) you have to keep moving forward. Last year was a year of getting stuck as in; the villain defeated you and instead of getting back up and moving forward you stay in the same vicinity waiting for the next attack. No this year one foot in front of the other to have a better future.
Such as this blog, I have always wanted to do something as such and the time has finally come. I have many plans for it but no matter what I have to keep moving forward with posts and sharing what I love with the cyber world even if it seems like no one has come upon it with there web surfing mission.
Moving forward as in when DC releases movies from there slated list no matter what the talk surrounding the film is. 
Moving forward when the season finales of my favorite show comes on and having to wait what seems like eternity for the next season
Moving forward when the random curve balls hit in real life, and trying to better my future as a hero in training.
Thank you for taking the time to read my one word resolution. What is your word? Why did you pick that word?
Until next time,
Watchtower Over and Out.