No Tomorrow, A show that had me questioning What if?

      Seize the day! Carpe Diem, Live life to the fullest, live everyday like it is your last, that is only a few slogans we see splashed across apparel, Pinterest, social media outlets, and the occasional post on Instagram by someone who had an epiphany and is ready to live differently. After watching a show like this, we may ask ourselves what is really stopping us from achieving these motivational slogans?

       A show called No Tomorrow (streaming on Netflix) was recommended to me by an acquaintance, saying it would be right up my alley. The brief synopsis they gave was a guy lives his life knowing there’s only 8 months till the end of the world, this girl that never breaks the rules or lives on the edge starts dating him, and I figured why not? I started watching it in my free time, slowly came to find myself often questioning why don’t I do that? Make a list, cross things off and live freely? This show was definitely relatable to me on many levels, the job, same routine day in and day out, scared of actions/consequences, or people’s thoughts of you. At the same time the female character often reminded me of myself (including who I used to be) it was interesting to follow her journey throughout the show. This show was cheesy, fun, ridiculous and I wish there were more seasons. By the season finale an answer still eluded me, if there was one, it would be fear and or just no balls to do it. 

       I’d like to think it would be easy to say this day, I’m going to go do said list item(s), but there’s factors that get in the way. I’m sure not just for me but a handful of people. Factors that are not controlled by us or decisions that affect those in our close circle of family or friends. Factors such as; stability, money, time off work, sick family members, kids, rejection and/or just keeping the hope when things get rough. In essence all those could really be an excuse to keep us in the safety and/or our the comfort zone we made for ourselves to know what to expect.

       Why do people choose not to? Why not tell the people in their lives they matter, whether it’s an amazing friendship that you can’t see your life without them in it. Take a week off from work just because “you aint feeling it” (show reference). Forgive people that did you wrong and move on rather than harboring feelings of resentment, hold feelings in that you want to share with the world? Spend half of your savings on something you want but don’t “need”. Go out and just meet people to meet people without knowing you are already being judged from your profile picture? Being absolutely okay with yourself, whether you don’t meet the official standard of beauty that everyone wants in their life but yet want to improve you? Quitting a 9-5 day job that doesn’t care about you and can replace you in a week? What’s stopping you?

I personally have an answer for each of those, one can say borders the line of an excuse, but the one common denominator, well denominators really is fear, rejection or the unknown. We all have reasons for putting things on the backburner, so many flood my mind including reasons I have heard from those I have crossed paths with. I have been making a conscious effort to re organize what I can control to do the things I want to do whether it be solo or with people before it’s too late. I don’t want to wake up at 70 something wishing I had done more with life or little to show what I did.

    I highly recommend checking out the show, but also have a challenge for you! It’s a simple one, not necessarily the F*** it all and go crazy, or new hype for a new life change that will last for a minute then back to the “normal” routine the following day. I challenge you to make a list with at least 3 things you want to do or accomplish, no matter how small or how big. Whether it’s finally setting a coffee date with a friend, having a self care day, or jumping off a high rock in a lake, anything! List 3 items, give yourself a month to do them, if they are accomplished share it with the world! Keep doing that, next thing you know you could be doing something once a week. Grant it these are challenging times we are in right now, for numerous reasons that’s too long to list, but that is all the more fun for a challenge right? I am going to take myself up on this challenge & really see what is holding me back, re-organize and get myself on a different track. What do you think? Are you up for it? What if….right?

     If you do accept the challenge and are going to give it a shot, let me know, send me an email or let me know on social media! It would be pretty exciting to see! For those that do and are capable of living everyday to the fullest, I tip my hat to you all day everyday, what are some of your tips? Do you have as the show calls it an “apocolist” or a “to do list” that you cross things off of? 

….So im asking you again what really stopping you?