Tonight is the night we see a new female superhero hit the airwaves, who is excited for Supergirl? Fall tv has so many shows on that I am a fan off it
seems hard to keep track of them, but eventually I catch up. I have been
getting better at avoiding social media for spoilers or in the moment reading
about the show before I even have yet to watch it. 
The one show  that I will finally have a one up on and can not be spoiled is Supergirl. At the San
Diego Comic Con this year I was able to watch the pilot of the show after the
Q&A panel with the cast. I know what happens in the anticipated show and
the moments of clarity when I was trying to figure out some things of the show.
I will make this as spoiler free as I can, if you are afraid of at all being
spoiled then you should check out some of my previous posts on what I love about
fall tv.

Still here ok; I am pretty excited about this show for numerous
reasons and here they go.

Embracing! There are not to many characters that I watch
that want to fully embrace who they are and special gifts or powers they are
given at first. It usually takes a traumatic time or something crazy to happen before
they realize they don’t want to be “normal” I could never understand why
someone would want to live an ordinary normal life when they have powers or abilities
to do something not everyone can do. But then again that is coming from someone
on the ordinary plain so to speak.
Supergirl is looking forward to embracing her self and make
a difference.

Melissa Benoist the actress they choose for Supergirl, I am
not to familiar with any of her previous work but this show will make her a
household name amongst the fall tv/geek community. She was so fun to listen to
on the panel, especially when she is talking about suiting up with the cape
boots and the suit. It was fun to listen to the enthusiasm she had in playing
the role.

Girl Power Supergirl I could go into the fact that this is a female
superhero based show and all the girl power aspect of it but ill save it for later. Although this is a bonus
there is a chance being taken here with it being a female based show. There is
another property out there that is slow to taking a chance with a female lead
anything, but DC seems to respect it enough and have faith to give it a chance which leads me
into my next fav thing about the show.

Action Figure as much as I love the Disney princesses and
decent barbies they have came out with over the years, not every girl out there
wants to be a princess. Some of them want to be an action hero, and want to kick butt and run
with the guys, and make a difference. I like to be a little bit of both and it is going to be nice to
see a good female role model for younger kids, especially with what is in the
world today.

Name dropping There are a few TV shows on are today that name drop all kinds of names from bigger properties or the movies and people in their universe. Hearing about Superman will be pretty fun.
Cute adorable friend zoned boy: There is a character in the
show that is totally in to Kara, she doesn’t notice it but he is friend zone
and helps play an important role in Karas life. I hope he stays around and well
friends usually last longer.

I am excited for Supergirl and hope you are to! Supergirl
airs tonight on CBS Monday Oct 26th.

Are you going to be tuned in to the premiere of Supergirl? Let me know here or on Twitter.