Recently I discovered this geeky hub of events called Nerd Out App on Twitter. When I looked closer into the app, I was so happy to see someone had came up with this idea. Nerd Out App is your go to source for all nerd related events. I was always sad when I would come across a fun event that I wish I knew was going on, or hearing about an event and never finding info on it again. I fell even more in love with it when they added TV show premiers dates and recently movie release dates. It became a must have for the rest of 2015 and something you would be crazy not to have in 2016 and beyond. I had the opportunity to interview the creator of the Nerd Out App, Elle.

Nerd Out App

I downloaded the app on my Android phone once it was available, the signup process was fairly easy as you can create a new profile or sign in using your social media site such as Twitter or Facebook accounts. Then the fun begins at creating your profile, with a picture, your name, location, website and a bio of yourself to share with other nerds around the globe. The first friend you receive on the app is the Mother of Nerds.

The App comes with a wall that you are able to check in and post your status, like what events you are at, the awesome merchandise that you purchased or picked up. The Mother of Nerds also posts new things that are happening on the app such as when events are added and to which city, movie release dates and any other updates that would be great to know about the App.

You can browse other users, add events to your favorites list, and check out the calendar with events from all over the globe.

“Our Goal: Unite nerds around the globe.”

What inspired you to create a
hub for geeky events?

I was getting overwhelmed tracking all the
dates for different events I was attending. I’d find a post on tumblr, a tweet
here or there. But it was always hard to locate information because it was so
scattered. Most of the time I’d hear about events by word of mouth after they
had happened! It was so annoying! So I decided to make a one-stop shop to help
me and fellow nerds keep organized.

Nerd Out….What inspired the name?
I didn’t want something too obvious like Nerd Event Calendar. I wanted something short and sweet. The hope is that when you attend events that are on the app your ‘nerding out!’

If people want to support Nerd Out App and be apart of it what can they do?
Submit events! If we don’t have a listing for your area, shoot us a tweet, email, Facebook post, or post on the app’s wall. If we see a demand in a certain area we’ll add it to our pending list. Currently we’ve been adding new cities weekly!

What is a unique experience that creating this app has brought you?
Seeing how many people are actually super interested in nerdy stuff around the world! I’ve had people reach out all the way from Australia to Spain! The plan is eventually to be global so the fact that we already have people asking for more Nerd Out is fantastic and exciting!

Nerd Out App recently had an IndieGoGo project, how did that go?
We did alright! We didn’t hit our goal so I wasn’t able to build the app from scratch like I would have liked. But I was able to raise enough money to build it on a template. Eventually I’d like to build from  scratch so I can bring the best app possible to nerds around the world!

Group Shot from the IndieGoGo Shoot

What is your next mission for Nerd Out App?
To get as many people as possible using the app! We’ll also be at Long Beach Comic Con and have our first table at Comikaze! We also have some really cool stuff in the works that I can’t talk about yet.

The geek/nerd community is only going to grow at this point,
is there special opportunities Nerd Out App offers businesses and/or content

We’re currently taking advertisers for the app. We will
always maintain the ‘for nerds by a nerd’ so all advertising is nerd related
(ie. clothing, gear, makeup, etc). We’re also in talks about possibly giving
away tickets to certain events on the app.

Who is able to advertise
on Nerd Out App? How would they go about doing that?

Any nerd
related company. My only other stipulation is that it be family friendly. It
does not have to be an item or product for kids, it just can’t be something that
wouldn’t be inappropriate for them to view on the app. They can contact me at for more

Would you like to tell us a little bit about the site you run for yourself and where readers can find it?
I also run Your Friend Elle. It’s a film, tv, travel,
makeup, diy, and fashion blog. I’ve been running it for over 2 years now.
Without it I doubt I would have ever even thought of Nerd Out! We actually just
had a giveaway for some Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps so I’m sure we’ll have
something else awesome posted soon!

A big thank you to Elle for taking time to be here on Superheroes.XYZ and the creation of this awesome app that is a must have. If you have a smart phone the next thing you should do if you have not already is download Nerd Out App available at the Apple and Android App stores.

Nerd Out App

You can find more information on Nerd Out on their Website and be sure to follow Nerd Out on social media for up to date posts and nerdy fun.

Have you downloaded Nerd Out App? What do you think of it?

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