2017 is upon us! The time we get to start fresh, high aspirations and full of hope that 2017 will be better for
ourselves and those around us. One
of my goals is to get organized and things set up for the time ahead. I went searching for some ideas and things I think would
come in handy for the year, I figured why not make a “this will come in handy
list” rather than a wish list. Here are some items I think will be beneficial for a smooth start to the new year.

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Wonder Woman vinyl wall clock Time is something that escapes us all and wish we can get more
of, a spiffy looking clock with a heroine finally getting her own movie this
year (yes we can finally say that) may possibly help my time management skills.

Galaxy Wrapping Paper
The holidays have just past, but the year ahead there are still birthdays, just
because days, going away parties, welcome home events and many more gifts that
can use a universal (literally) wrapping paper!

Full Moon Journal
– whether you are a content creator or not it is always a good idea to have a
journal lying around. They can be used to jot a quick note, save ideas, or
inspiration when it strikes for a project. The cooler they are the more I want
to carry them around. Yes our phones come in hand but never beat the good ole
pen and paper.

Customized Greeting Card Holder This will more so go along with wrapping paper, if you are a
snail mail fan, go to events, or have any other celebrations throughout the
year this will surely come in handy. When I first came across one, I thought it
was lame, but after quickly finding whatever card I needed and in a rush it
definitely came in handy.

Geek metal art bookends So many books so little time, the books that were received from the Christmas list, the ones we find on sale, the one with a gorgeous cover, they all need to be stored somehow. What better way than a small representation of ones self?
Eat Sleep Netflix Repeat Pillow within the first 2 months of 2017 I am sure there will be
some binge watching on Netflix, whether its getting over the withdrawal a TV
show season ending, returning from the mid season finale or you need to watch
it now, this pillow will be perfect for cozy couch nights & popcorn!
Game of Thrones Dinner is Coming chopping board I have yet to be a person who watches Game of Thrones (I
know I will love it) but this cutting board made me laugh out loud. Prepping
breakfast, dinner or snacks for family friends and get together, this will
definitely keep awkward conversation out of the way.
Super Medal Display The first thing I saw when I came across this was a place for comic con badges and dates for upcoming shows! I fell in love with this, I know there are geek/superhero inspired marathons out there as well and tempted to try one. One way or another I thought this was perfect for storing badges rather than storing them away in a box.
Necklace Holder I have so many fandom jewelry pieces now, thank to some of my subscription boxes,buy sell trades on Facebook (I mostly trade) and the holidays. Necklace hangers like these are perfect, jewelry always looks gorgeous anyways and while being stored can also make for lovely art as well. This is way better than the jewelry box I have been using and everything gets tangled.
Adjustable shelf organizer for crafts and supplies No organization will be complete without shelf! all the little items, Funko Pops, crafts, art little baskets for trinkets, a shelf this size is perfect. The shelves are adjustable leaving all kinds of possibilities for its use.
Comic Book Storage & Display Box How cool! You can display which universe or types of comic are in the box. I am going to be making more trips out to the comic book shop this year and this is perfect. I have also collected a few magazines over the year but never a way to display/store them this would be perfect.
I am looking forward to getting organized for the new year ahead, these will even help with spring cleaning when the time comes. It’s never to early to plan ahead.
What are some ways you stay organized?
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Until next time Watchtower over & out