I have seen around on the web lately that the bigger studios
are pulling out their time at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) and not bringing
anything panel wise with them. These companies are worried about leaked and
pirated footage of their films and making its way on the web. Their move for
this seems to be lets pull out all together from the infamous Hall H and not go
all out to promote our properties and movies.
In the end they might decide to show up to the party but in
the meantime I think re strategizing is in their agenda. San Diego Comic Con is
one of the biggest conventions of the year, they need to bring something to the
table and not just the booth on the exhibit floor.  If fans are not able to respect the exclusive
footage that studios bring, then don’t bring exclusive footage. Studios can go the alternate route and bring something that will be released shortly after and not worry about it
being leaked. I am aware that is one of the main purposes of a panel is seeing
what others are not able to at the time, but with no respect for the footage
something else is in order.

Fireworks from the Star Wars Concert SDCC 2015

For example the Star Wars panel in Hall H in 2015, this panel was the talk of the town all the way until the movie’s release date back in December 2015. The Star Wars Panel had their big presentation in Hall H, after the panel they were escorted by 50ish storm troopers to a concert area down by the water. There the Star Wars score was played live by the San Diego Symphony with footage from the movies. While down there they were met with the cast and crew of the movie that they just saw in the panel itself.  How do you top an already awesome experience? Add Fireworks, everything is better with fireworks and Disney knows how to put on a good light up the night sky show. On top of all that they were given an exclusive lanyard and a free lightsaber! Yes that experience I know was talked about all year long.

Major studios like Disney who owns half of the entertainment
industry is usually able to pick and choose, relying on their own expo and
people will see their movie regardless.  Studios like 20th Century Fox
should take advantage of the attendance the San Diego Comic Con has to offer. How about an experience? Rather than the studios just
relying on footage for the movies/properties why not have an immersive experience? Think of ways to share your properties that will be beneficial in the long run. Have an experience that will be talked about, shared and remembered for months after and if you are lucky, for the rest of the year. Comic Cons big or
small offer experiences that do not come by often. If not an experience how about a thank you? Thanking the fans saying
hey we appreciate you, your loyalty to our company (and your money) and show the fans that you do care about the millions of dollars that keeps your properties going.

So far the latest movie in the Star Trek Franchise, Star Trek Beyond sounds like it will be the talk of the convention this year. They are having their world premiere of the movie on Wednesday July 20th during the San Diego Comic Con. Tickets and more information on the event have yet to be released, but so far they are on the right track! San Diego Comic Con released the official announcement on their site.

I am really hoping the studios think of a new game plan for San Diego Comic Con 2016 and ways to create an immersive experience for fans, all while promoting their movies. In the meantime we will proceed to get excited about one of the most wonderful times of the year, I know I will be!
Here are some sites that I have been reading about the
studios pulling out and thought I would share my opinion on the matter.
What are your thoughts on Studios pulling out of San Diego
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