I have written a few rough drafts of what to post since I have been missing in action on the site for quite sometime now. There were a few drafts some of which included the “I have been really busy and enjoying life” or the “Just needed to step away from the tech world”, and the “I am breaking up with Hollywood” which has always seem to trump the other ones.


There are so many reasons why I have been MIA from the site, some of which are so hard to put into words because there are so many and wouldn’t make sense. Two of the biggest reasons is One: Life has sucked lately and not even going to sugar coat it! I turned 30 and it hit me hard, I know I know oh so young don’t trip, well I did and working through it. Two, I have been recovering from a breakup, we were together for as long as I can remember and its been tough. I am talking about Hollywood! Yes, the Hollywood/Entertainment world and I have been on rocky terms and think it’s time to say bye Felicia! I’ll save all that for another post, Hollywood and entertainment will always be apart of me and made me into the geek/person I am today, and I am not going to forget that.


So instead of a novel long post about why life has sucked, my relationship with one of my true loves, I wanted to share more of what I want my future to hold. I hope if you have stuck around this whole time you will continue to join me in sharing fun stuff that brings joy & other shenanigans as well as truths that may not be so pretty. Since turning 30, the past year of stuff I have been doing, revisiting, enjoying and wanting more of I am excited to “Keep Moving Forward”


During the level 30s of life these are somethings I would love more of/to work on….

Activities/Getting involved: Outdoors, camping, hiking, shooting, buying a gun I have always wanted, working on target practice. Continue to help advocate for mental health, helping one of my favorite mental health organizations I came across thanks to Supernatural the TV show.  


People: Nurture relationships I have whether it be with friends or acquaintances, say goodbye to ones that are only there to be nice and not hurt your feelings when they are no longer interested. Say goodbye to those that put no effort towards a relationship of any sort any longer and officially close out their chapter and be happy the time we had. Not being afraid to speak up even if it’s a different viewpoint of the masses, especially in today’s new world.


Vibes: This goes with the people one as well, but learning to control what I can, saying no to things especially if it is bringing negativity/stress into my life that is unecessary/preventble and/or part of bigger things that I cannot control. This also goes with the day job that can be stressful at times and had more bad days then good.  


Work on me: I am one of those people that will make sure everyone is taken care of before I even think of myself, I’m not tooting my own horn but it’s a blessing and a curse. I have forgotten to take care of myself for a long time, and don’t blame anyone but me. I have to learn how to take care of others but also remember me and that its ok to think about myself a time or two and not consider it to be selfish.


Misc: Come up with a side hustle, find the funding for it and work for it to be successful. Also an added bonus, perhaps meet a prince charming or Christmas Hallmark movie kind of guy to be my plus one for all the things I want to do!! (laughs uncontrollably)


So that’s that, I am going to try to keep up and write more or post more but no promises! Things might change on social media, but will still be a geek at heart, I thought of making a new profile for the new stuff, but why? It will just show me growing or new things and would love for you guys to be a part of it, those that don’t, well bye (waves erratically) and unfollow, I am/will always be grateful for your time you have spent with me and wish you nothing but the best.


Sending positive vibes, thoughts your way!