Last year I came across an inspiring post by a fellow
content creator Tony also known as Crazy4Comicon. His post was in regards to
what is your mission for the San Diego Comic Con, this meant a lot as my
mission has changed over the years. Here is my mission for comic con 2016.

My mission has evolved from my early years when I started attending San Diego Comic Con, from swag, panels, roaming the exhibitor floor for hours upon hours, free movie posters, snapshots of celebrities, autographs and taking millions of pictures. In the past couple of years the mission has been experiences catching a fireworks show being put on to the live score of Star Wars with a first timer friend, bringing a piece of SDCC home to some friends as well and seeing their reactions when they get a bag full of swag from SDCC.

My Mission for 2015 was to put my site and myself out there,
I am a bit shy and an introvert, and wait for others to start the conversation
first. When it comes to my site and where I want it to go I have to put it out
there. Last year I would not say it was fully a mission accomplished but rather an
almost accomplished, I did manage to put myself out there more than I have done in the past.
I attended Tony’s Game of Bloggers event he held, content creators from all
over gathered together and some met for the first time in real life, this was a step
outside my comfort zone but definitely worth it.

What is my mission for San Diego Comic Con for 2016? I
have thought about this for a while now as we are getting closer, what was I going
to change or what I wanted to do this year. My mission this year will pretty
much be the same as last year, to put myself and my site out there, start the
conversation, hand out cards, connect, engage you name it! I am looking forward
to Tony’s event this year as well, Game of Bloggers Season 2, there are some
fellow content creators that I met last year that I have kept in touch with all
year long, and looking forward to meeting new ones that I have connected with

I am always blown away about the number of people that are
in attendance during the San Diego Comic Con, that is almost 100,000 plus
opportunities that has yet to be tapped and see where they can go, yet also a
handful of NOs and dead ends. You never know until you try and if I don’t put
myself out there and hope for the best, I could be missing out on a lot of
things. It always does scare me to do so, with the fear of rejection, not be
liked or numerous other reasons.

Over the years different things have become more important or I find myself enjoying things I would have never thought when I first started attending. Yes the free stuff and being a fan in general is fun, but now I enjoy the relationships and experiences gained during comic con. These are relationships that can bring you in connection with someone else, relationships that can last a month, a year, or a lifetime. Experiences that you will remember forever and be able to share with fellow friends and fans. I am hoping this will be the year I accomplish my Comic Con mission.

Excpert Excerpt from Crazy 4 Comic Con: The Mission.
“Your mission doesn’t have to be big or spectacular- but it does need to have two parts: First, it has to be something that you are passionate about. Mountains are moved, leaders are forged, and miracles occur because of passion. Nothing that matters in life can be accomplished without it. Second, it needs to involve risk. It has to scare you, keep you up at night, and raise your blood pressure. Law of nature; Doing scary things changes you- doing easy things, does not.”

What is your San Diego Comic Con mission this year? Do you
have one when you go to comic conventions?