This year I had a mission for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) it
was pretty close to being the same as the Mission in 2015, although last year was an almost
accomplished mission. This year’s mission report went backwards as I deem it a
fail! I still had a great time at SDCC and tried to salvage what I could with
my mission. SDCC was still full of firsts and new experiences with things I have
never done at a convention, but my overall mission was a fail.  

My Mission for 2016 was to put myself and my site out there
more, to engage, start conversations and take a step outside my comfort zone. I
did give a business card to everyone I talked to, but how was it a fail? Well
most of it boils down to an event that can change the course of SDCC or the
rest of a year for that matter. The Game of Bloggers Season 2 event hosted by a
fellow content creator Tony Kim. The time for me to shine and turn cyber
relationships into a real life thing, washed away.
It was more personal as I let fear and the thoughts in my head
(not the aliens or the crazy ones) get the better of me, and prevent me from
meeting more people than I could have. I was so excited for the event and
finally getting to meet people in real life that I had been talking to for over
a year now, but even making my way into the event was a challenge. Before the
event I was standing outside trying to muster up the courage to go in and begin
the meeting process! How lame is that! I think it was a good 5-10 minutes
before I finally made my way over, hopefully no one saw me looking like a
I found myself though at time wondering around trying to get
the courage to talk to people, I saw some fellow content creators that I talk
to all the time online but they looked like they were having a great time and didn’t
want to “interrupt”, how lame and selfish was that? I did meet some people from
sites that I have been talking to online, and did see familiar faces from last
year and had a great time with them. The conversations I did have were great and
so glad I got to meet the people I did, I was glad our cyber-ship turned in to real
life ones.
I wrote a post last year called The Struggle is Real! You have a site now go talk
to people, the words that everyone tells me but is easier said than done at times. I love talking to people and making connections, I know
that if I want my site to go  further and where I hope for it to go, that I will
need to get a move on so to speak. This may seem
like a negative thing to post, and could potentially become a problem in harnessing the power I could
obtain, I mean the opportunities. This could scare away future prospects, or hinder the future, but I am ok with saying mission fail. I am
always trying to improve and move forward, being faced with failure is not fun but does take a second to recover from.
Overall I know it is not the end of the world, and all I can
keep doing is make progress and keep moving forward. I have about 330 something
days to work up to having a mission accomplished at SDCC 2017. I still had a great
time at SDCC and will never forget some of the experiences I had. I will say as
well that I am grateful for all the continued support, praise, feedback,
sharing, encouragement, interacting everything, you name it. I am grateful for
all of you who are reading this now, and following along. I hope my posts don’t fail you, as I did my SDCC mission.
Has there been an overall Comic Con mission you have had?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.

Until next time, Watchtower over & out