It’s already October! I can’t believe September went by that
fast! I really wanted to keep up with the Mission Objectives and am excited to
share the ups and downs of the previous month. I am very proud of my accomplishments for September although small, I think having mission objectives helped.

Septembers Mission Objectives and status report
Supernatural (TV
Show) day celebration Post:
Was cutting it close but did two of them!
2nd: My first post that contained some
Affiliate Links Supernatural Must Haves!
Launch My T-Shirt
Yes Mission Objective Complete! Raising Funds for my Dads new
heart from his recent transplant. You can visit the Campaign, support and or
share it only a few days left!
Pre Schedule Tweets:  This was about 5% accomplished as I had only
done 1-2 days worth in a month so this will be an ongoing mission objective.
Take it Post it &
Delete it:
I think I did fairly good at this, posting pictures when I take
them and in a decent amount of time , deleting them when I am done with it and saving ones that needed to be saved.
October’s Mission Objectives
Finish my T shirt
campaign with a bang:
Although I wish there was a bit more sales at this
point in time, the amount of support sharing I have received from
the fellow geek community/ friends is pretty awesome! I am going to go out
with a bang, promote and share all the way till the end. If you would like
to check out the Campaign share or support it would be greatly appreciated.
Visit Campaign

Artist Spotlight: A
few sites have _Insert Name_ Spotlights, I want to start one with artists. I
have a few artist friends that have come to mind to be some of the first. I
love sharing people and things that I love and help grow a connection as well.
This might also include affiliate links if they have set up a shop and would
really love to help get them and their art out there as well. I am hoping to
have my first post up this month and some lined up for the next couple of

Comment more on
I know this is a key factor in connecting in general and
helping with potential readers for the site. I have been horrible at this and
when I do get a chance to do it, I comment on every post at once that I have read but
never remembered my login for the commenting program to leave a comment. I also
find myself other than writing up post rarely on an actual computer, when I am on one is when I try to get it all done as it is easier to read large amounts of text and proofread your comment before posting.
Gear up for Holiday
Post/Affiliate Links:  
Yes I call October
the official start of the Holiday Season! I want to do some gift idea posts,
along with sharing things that I think are awesome and people will love. It’s
never too early too plan those type of posts. I wanted to do them last year but time
slipped away, I had some great items lined up, I am hoping to do better this year. This also goes with Affiliate Links, I did my first post including Affiliate Links last month (September) and am really proud of how it turned out. I think gift idea post are a great way to play with the links, and already have some companies/people in mind to start with.

I am still doing smaller list rather then a big one, having a small list with a few checked off as accomplished is not only attainable but motivating as well. I am looking forward to what this month holds for the site!

What are some of you Mission Objectives? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.

Until next time
Watchtower over & out