The new year is finally here! I want to continue these lists
for the most part, I found I accomplished a bit more than usual when I put it
out into the cyberverse. December 2016 was a month to just enjoy, reflect and
be in the moment. Now with the new year it is time to get back to business.
Here are my mission objectives for January 2017.

Celebrate 2nd
year Blogiversary
I just finished up my 2nd year with my website originally
starting this site to share things I love with people who get just as excited.
I have had so many experiences, and met so many people through the site. I want to celebrate all month long and might
even get together a giveaway. We will see what happens but thank you for coming
back post after post!  I am looking
forward to what the site will bring. I am really going to change it up, the
design everything and make it more worth the time to come and check it out.

Create monthly
I want to get better at this and attempted it in October 2016, some
content that I can always rely on or fallback on when time escapes for fresh
posts. One of the monthly pieces I would like to do, and tried in October was
an Artist Spotlight. I love sharing people and cool things that I come across,
I have met so many artist and love sharing their work. I have even thought
about something for Cosplayers, it has always been something I have been
intrigued by since I tried it in 2012 and now it would be fun to share.

Social Media Time
I finally cracked and signed up with a website that allows pre-scheduling
for social media. I was avoiding this for the longest time, I felt like it was
cheating, or being deceitful. But it would be nice to promote some content a
little better and pre-scheduling I think will help with that, its takes more
than a few seconds to find a nice pic, attach the link and a few words, especially
on a cell phone. Sitting down at a computer will be more beneficial and able to
get more out there.

That’s a wrap for the goals this month, a small list but
some big items that I think will set up the foundation for 2017 and get off to
a smooth start.
Until next time Watchtower over & out