Mission Accomplished I am attending San Diego Comic Con 2015

After Jan 17th I was able to say Mission Accomplished. Why have I waited so long to share this? Because now is the time to get pumped for San Diego Comic Con 2015, with about 93 days and change left it’s time to begin the excitement process. With the sister show of San Diego Comic Con, the Wonder Con wrapping up this past weekend and seeing all it had to offer. My excitement meter was pretty high. I thought this the perfect,time to stand on the chair and scream it out loud. 

I was able to do the Volunteer priority registration back in January and made it in. I came close to missing the opportunity on the day of, I was having problems with my email syncing on my phone. When the problem was resolved I saw the email from Comic Con International, and quickly rushed to the computer to get setup as the countdown to the said time had begun.

This has been my for sure way in for the past 3 years at least, although I made my 7th year in 2014 some of the years I volunteered, had a pass or both volunteered and had a pass. I try to buy tickets when the time comes but I do not come out with a golden ticket, the last time I had a ticket(s) was in 2013. Sometimes it would be nice to go to the convention without worrying about volunteering and have just a little bit more time to do whatever the convention may hold for me. But I am glad I have a way in and able to attend what I call the Super Bowl of Comic Cons.

Getting a ticket in is only half the battle (literally a battle) after that the real fun begins! Planning out months in advance, deciding what to wear, always shopping for things you can use. It is never to early to start packing for San Diego Comic Con. I keep an eye out for things I might need for the Con, and start packing in May at least getting all the little things that come to mind such as safety pins, sharpies, patches, bags I am going to use and so on.

Volunteering has its perks, this year I am going to try to do some assignments that I have not done before and some new ones I did for the first time in 2014 and really enjoyed, such as the fullfilment room, and panel giveaways. Since volunteering is my only ticket going in I usually get the nice Volunteer shirt that they give when you complete 4 shifts. Also a big benefit to volunteers that was new to me in 2014 was being able to attend Preview Night! I was pretty excited last year as I had not been to a preview night since 2006 when I first attended. Preview night 2014 I was able to get a great amount of swag or the harder to get items for the rest of the weekend, such as all the TV Guides given out by the Warner Brothers Booth. It was nice to get it out of the way and not stress if I was unable to get them the other days. It is also a good day for the picture taking of displays.

Every year I attend I try to choose a theme, a mission, a goal something along the lines of how can I make this year different, how can I make it better. 2012 I cosplayed for the first time as Batgirl 2013 was try new things such as discovering Nerd HQ for the first time and attending the Serenity screening at Petco Park, and 2014 Spend time outdoors and take a breather from the convention floor and attempt Everyday Cosplay.

This year I would like to meet people and try to break out of my introvert shell! Make some nerdy friends and try to keep in touch all year long. I have flown solo every time I have attended although it has its perks of being solo, I think at the same time at least a couple of days it would be great to hang out with some nerdy friends. I have met a couple people at the SDCC and we have talked ever since. One couple I met back in 2007 and every year we try to meet up at least once to see each other. Another friend I met on the way to the MTV2 party at Petco park in 2013 and we still talk to this day.

I know deem 2015 the year of new friendships.

Are you planning on attending SDCC 2015?

Coming Soon: I will be posting about getting ready for San Diego Comic Con and what I like to do. I look forward to sharing with you all and hearing how you get ready for SDCC as well.

Getting Ready SDCC