Finally a new Artist Spotlight! I love art more and more everyday and especially love seeing the art in all its glory at comic conventions. Finally a new Artist Spotlight! I love art more and more everyday and especially love seeing the art in all its glory at comic conventions. The next Artist I want to put a spotlight on is one of my favorite people. I knew about her before finally meeting her at San Diego Comic Con a few years ago.

I heard about Rebecca Hicks, creator of the Little Vampires, through my little sister back in the early 2000’s when she was her grade school teacher in San Diego CA. My sister would say every year, go see Mrs. Hicks at San Diego Comic Con. A few years later I finally did see her at San Diego Comic Con and have been friends ever since! I make every attempt to see her and her art at show that we cross paths. Lately I have made it a tradition to buy a custom art card and get a selfie with her.

Rebecca has many wonderful things coming up this year, and I reached out to her about being in the Artist Spotlight. She is a wonderful person and a great artist, amongst her busy schedule she took some time to answer questions. Without further a do, Rebecca Hicks. Little Vampires by Rebecca Hicks

Who is Rebecca Hicks?

Rebecca Hicks is me! Except for those days when I’m not me. But even then I’m always Rebecca Hicks. I’m always a writer and illustrator, even when I’m not writing or drawing. I’m always thinking about writing or drawing. Or donuts. Usually all three at the same time. Rebecca Hicks Little Vampires

Why Little Vampires?

The short answer is that I had an idea for these small vampire characters and I just had to bring them to life on the page. The more interesting and longer answer is that my husband James has Type II diabetes. He checks his blood sugar levels frequently, and this leaves little needle marks on his fingertips. One day he noted that it looked like he was being nibbled by little vampires. The image of little vampires gnawing on his fingertips popped into my brain, and I just could not stop thinking about what their lives would be like. I eventually had enough of a story to write and illustrate the book Little Vampires in 2007, started the webcomic in 2009, and I’ve been telling their story ever since!

What is Monsterdell?

Monsterdell is actually the town that the Little Vampires live in. I wanted to expand their world, and giving them a place to live and interact with other monsters was the best way to do that. I made Monsterdell a place that I would consider ideal, where different types of monsters all live together and get along with one another because they are not threatened by their differences.

If not art than what?

I can’t even imagine my life without some kind of art. If I wasn’t a writer and illustrator, I would probably focus more on music. Little Vampire web comic strip Rebecca Hicks copyright

Where do you get the inspiration for your daily web comic?

The Little Vampires is not a journal comic, but I do draw from my life to get inspiration for story arcs. I just try to think about how the Little Vampires or their friends would deal with the situations I’ve lived through. I also get inspiration from all the people that I meet at conventions. They share their lives with me, and that makes me want to amplify their voices the best way I can.

Best thing about comic cons/ shows?

Meeting all the awesome people! I make my living by selling my books and art at conventions, but even when I don’t make any money, I always have a great time at cons because I always meet amazing people.

Why should people check out your art and What makes your art different than the numerous other out there today?

My art is different because it features dark monsters drawn in a bright cartoon style. It’s like Edward Gorey and Walt Disney had a very strange art baby that enjoyed listening to death metal while smiling and playing with finger puppets. Someone who likes that juxtaposition of light and dark should definitely check my work out. My art is also different in that it’s original. I don’t draw the characters that are popular at the moment on television or in movies. I want to give people something they haven’t seen before.

What are some of the movies you are looking forward to this year?

I haven’t seen Hidden Figures yet so I’m looking forward to that one because I’m a space nerd. And I cannot wait for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, or the next Star Wars. I don’t want to have to wait a whole year! Star Wars now! And we’re finally getting a Wonder Woman movie! Can’t wait for that either.

During your artistic journey, what is the best quote, words of wisdom or advice someone has given you?

Fake it till you make it. I don’t remember who I heard that from, but it reminds me to be as professional as I can, even on those days I don’t feel like I’m a pro.

If you could be any mythical/horror creature what would you be and why?

I wouldn’t mind being a benevolent ghost of some sort. I’d want to haunt a really cool old house with an epic kitchen. I could rattle cabinet doors and give cooking tips.

What are some of your goals as an artist for 2017?

That same goal as for other years, Pinkie. Keep improving my artistic skills! Another goal for 2017 is to improve my marketing skills so I can grow my audience. Little Vampires book kickstarter

Can you tell us about your Kickstarter launching Feb 15 & where we can find it?

The Kickstarter will fund the printing of the next Little Vampires book, called The Little Vampires Are Confused about Bats. This will be a humorous and fact-filled children’s book where the Little Vampires turn myths about bats upside down. You can visit the Little Vampire’s Kickstarter Page.

What has been an obstacle that you have overcome or a struggle you have faced being a full time artist?

I do not have a formal art education, and that makes me produce art more slowly than other artists. One of the reasons I draw my own work as opposed to working for a major publisher is because I’m simply not fast enough to work within their schedules. Having an irregular income is also difficult.

Any words of inspirations for aspiring artists?

Don’t be impatient. Don’t be desperate. To be an independent artist you have to play the long game. You have to earn that audience.

Marvel or DC? Batman or Superman? Captain America or Ironman?

I love both Marvel and DC characters, but skewed DC comics in the nineties. Now I’m Marvel movies but DC TV shows. And no offense to Bats and Supes, but I prefer Catwoman and Wonder Woman. And sorry Tony, but I’m Team Cap all the way. I’m also a proud Hufflepuff.

Where can people find you on the web?

In the nearest donut shop. 🙂 The Little Vampires webcomic is posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on also on | Kickstarter  | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr |

Anything else you would like to share with the cyberverse?

You’re awesome! Act accordingly. Rebecca thank you so much for taking time to answer some questions! Please take a look at her Kickstarter! The Little Vampires. Anything is appreciated and if all else spread the word. I love sharing artist friend I know and have met over time, I hope you enjoyed reading Rebecca’s responses as much as I have. Be sure to check her out on her social media channels as well and keep an eye out for her at upcoming comic conventions.